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ISM announces top 15 CRM software leaders

CHICAGO -- At the end of a full day of keynote speeches and breakout sessions, CRM consultant ISM, Inc.'s president Barton Goldenberg announced the 15 top CRM vendors, culled from the ninth edition of ISM's Guide to CRM Automation.

"Three new vendors made the list," Goldenberg announced. Six of the 15 vendors were not U.S.-based, he added.

According to Goldenberg, hundreds of software packages were tested against 145 different criteria. Ninety-one business functions, 36 technology functions and 18 user-friendliness and support functions were tested.

"It's not about favors to ISM," he said. "The best were the most comprehensive packages available in the industry."

New to the list were SAP AG, YOUcentric, Inc. and Remedy Corporation, Goldenberg said.

"Remedy fought a tough battle integrating a product they bought" with their existing offerings, he said. "SAP tested with excellence."

YOUcentric, which is Web based, offered functionality to their product, hence the addition to the list, according to Goldenberg.

The top 15 software packages announced were: Applix Enterprise v. 8.0 from Applix, SalesLogix 2000 v. 4.02 from Interact Commerce Corporation, Clarify eFrontOffice v. 10.0 from Nortel Networks, eCMS from OnContact Software, Onyx 2000 from Onyx Software, Vantive Enterprise v. 8.5 from PeopleSoft, Pivotal eRelationship 2000 from Pivotal, ePoint 5 from Point Information Systems, Remedy CRM Solutions Suite form Remedy, MySAP CRM 2000 from SAP AG, Siebel Sales 2000 from Siebel Systems, Staffware eCRM v. 8.0 from Staffware, marketing.manager 4.5 from AG, Worldtrak v. 5.0 from Worldtrak and YOUrelate from YOUcentric.

"You have to decide if the best, most comprehensive package is what [your business] needs," Goldenberg advised.



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