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Quick Takes: Mega-partnerships and beware of vendors

Cleartop snags four new partnerships

Cleartop, a company that provides online customer service, has partnered with, NetLedger, Rackspace and TeleBright. Partnering with these four companies allows Cleartop to provide its customers with services in critical areas and create an established distribution channel. The partnership calls for Cleartop to recommend the products of the four companies, and they will do likewise.

Broadbase completes acquisition of ServiceSoft

Analytic and marketing automation applications provider Broadbase Software, Inc. has completed its acquisition of e-service software maker ServiceSoft, Inc. The joint product offering to come out of the acquisition will be an intelligent e-CRM suite designed to manage all customer interactions across the enterprise.

Torrent unleashes clickstream data analyzer

Analytic CRM software provider Torrent Software, Inc. has released WebHouse for Orchestrate, which transforms and analyzes clickstream, demographic and transactional data. By building WebHouse on Orchestrate, it allows companies to build, deploy and manage large custom applications. Companies can create custom Web reporting and clickstream analysis applications with real-time results.

Study: Look closely at your vendor's ability to integrate

A new study from Doculabs suggests that, before a business invests in CRM software, it should check out the vendor's ability to integrate customer service applications across multiple channels. Many vendors only focused on the transaction side of customer service, according to Doculabs.

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