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Accrue announces partner program for hosted CRM software

Accrue Software has launched the Accrue Certified Partners Program, which will add the option of deploying hosted versions of Accrue's e-CRM software. The company has partnered with five companies to host the software in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

"We've seen that some [mid-size] companies ... that want the capability but sometimes don't have the resources, dollars and time, to deploy [Accrue] internally," said Vito Salvaggio, vice president of marketing at Accrue. By licensing partners to host Accrue's analytics software, Accrue Insight, customers that want the benefits of the Accrue software can receive it through a hosted offering and a lower entry price, he added.

The certified partners that are offering Insight on a hosted basis are RSG Systems and Concrete Inc. in the U.S., Integra SA and InfoStream ASA in Europe, and G-Search in Japan. In addition, Accrue's partners will offer a range of services built on top of the analytics software everything from custom report creation and remote administration to data warehousing capabilities and daily reporting services and support.

Some partners will also offer their own technical and customer support for Insight, according to Salvaggio. Others will only host the software, and in either case, the customer receives everything that they would normally receive if they internally deployed the software.

Accrue chose some of these companies as partners because of pre-existing joint relationships with customers, such as in the case of RSG's pre-existing relationship with Music Television (MTV), Salvaggio said. While hammering out a deal with RSG, Accrue found that it simply made more sense to have RSG handle the day-to-day management of MTV's systems, he said.

In future partnerships, Accrue will look at regional footprints, where the company is located, how the company is funded, the company's partners and the company's customers, according to Salvaggio. Accrue also has plans to license software to other partners for hosting in Latin America.

"We have an active Latin American channel right now currently reselling our products," Salvaggio said. Accrue has between 30 and 40 partners in Latin America and expects to offer hosting through some of the existing partnerships.

Accrue Insight provides analytics to determine visitor response to Web-based campaigns, content, commerce and affiliate initiatives. The market for analytics is growing at 200% annually, according to a report from Aberdeen Group, and is expected to be a $4 billion market in 2004.

Salvaggio expects the hosted analytics software to appeal mainly to mid-size customers that reach about 10,000 or more visitors per day on their Web sites. Large companies whose core business is not technology, such as an entertainment or publishing business with a popular Web site, will also find Insight as a hosted application useful, he said.

Pricing varies, depending on the partner offering Insight and the services stacked on top, although Salvaggio said that the pricing was "not unlike other enterprise-class hosted applications." The five selected partners have already begun deployment.

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