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Quick Takes: Allies, more wireless, and upgrades galore

InfoCast and InstantService partner to provide enhanced e-CRM

E-CRM software vendor InfoCast LLC and InstantService, a provider of live human interaction software for e-commerce Web sites, have announced a partnership to combine InstantService's live human interaction software with InfoCast's eTeam software. ETeam allows customer service agents to create personalized rich-media messages with voice, text, images and dynamic markup. This can then be sent as an e-mail attachment or other file transfer using the agent's existing software. InstantService offers live interaction and allows companies to engage in text-based chat sessions and push content to customers in real-time.

Point announces wireless support for e-point 5 CRM software

E-CRM software provider Point Information Systems, Inc. has announced wireless support for its e-point 5 e-CRM software. The wireless capabilities add mobile phones and personal digital assistants to the e-point list of interaction media, and it spans across customers, partners and employees.

Interelate announces e-mail service offering

ASP Interelate has announced the addition of e-mail capabilities for sales and marketing to its customer intelligence software offering. The e-mail capabilities are based on E.piphany software and includes list processing, enhanced delivery, response management and reporting capabilities. Interelate's customers will be able to create personalized real-time marketing campaigns via e-mail, call centers or the Web.

Multiactive Software announces upgrade to Entice! CRM software

At Comdex Fall 2000, CRM software provider Multiactive Software Inc. released Entice! 2.5, an upgrade to its Entice! CRM software. The new release supports wireless platforms, and includes features for mobile commerce and a fully customizable Web account manager. Additional features include the ability to create a personalized Web site for each visitor, an integrator toolkit to incorporate existing ERP and accounting systems, support for HTML mail campaigns, and support for demilitarized zones, server load balancing and multiple workspaces.

Convio launches first CRM system for nonprofits

Convio, an online partner for nonprofit organizations, has released its Convio Relationship Management System 2.0 (RMS), the first CRM system specifically designed for the nonprofit sector. RMS, running on an ASP model, includes applications for managing online fund raising campaigns, events, content creation and constituent interaction. Managed through browser-based forms, Convio's RMS allows nonprofits to create targeted e-mail and Web notifications to donors; build, manage and analyze targeted, personalized online fundraising campaigns and membership drives; create and publish Web content without HTML knowledge; and manage events online, including ticket sales.

Vocalscape releases VoIP-enhanced CRM software

Canadian Web development service company Vocalscape Communications has released its new Web-based CRM software, VocalConnect � Live Help NOW!, which equips company Web sites with a scalable communication center for live customer interaction. VocalConnect integrates Vocalscape's Eyefon Web-to-telephone application and integrates VoIP telephony with Web-based chat, Web site collaboration and scheduled response.

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