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BLI launches fulfillment-enabled CRM software

Business Link International, a communications company specializing in telephony and the Internet, hopes to pick up where other software leaves off at the point of customer fulfillment with its new outsourced CRM package. Business Link's hosted software integrates Business Link's fax and Internet messaging services with FrontRange Solutions Inc.'s GoldMine Front Office CRM software.

The integration allows businesses to support their staffs with interactive CRM communication in real-time. Remote users can access GoldMine data from almost any location on the Internet and have the system send them alerts by pager or e-mail. Once an opportunity for customer response arises, users can automatically trigger an appropriate follow-up. Business Link's communication system then sends out relevant information by fax, e-mail, pager or cellular phone.

Business Link's software "solves the immediate fulfillment and customer acknowledgement that most CRM packages lack," said David Baeder, president of Business Link. "We keep referring to it internally as the last 10% of CRM," he added.

Baeder explained that often, a company will call another for a product or service and leave a voicemail message and not have the call returned. "In our CRM solution, that information would be keyed in to the system," Baeder said. The sales lead would then be immediately assigned to a sales representative via a pager, cellular phone or e-mail, while a fax or e-mail would be sent to a prospect to provide an immediate response.

Business Link chose to work with the GoldMine platform because it allows Business Link to enter a tier of the market that requires this type of immediate response service the most, namely small and mid-sized businesses, Baeder said. This sector generally does not have the infrastructure to support a complex sales cycle, he said, and allows these companies to use an outsourced package to boost their revenue.

A new version of the Business Link software is expected in the first quarter of next year, and it will provide support for Palm wireless devices, as well as Web-enabled cellular devices, according to Baeder.

Currently, Business Link's software is available worldwide on a turnkey hosted basis. It is available in multi-tiered pricing, ranging from a basic $24.95 per seat to a full access version of $75 per seat, depending on the customer's requirements.

For more information, visit Business Link's Web site.

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