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YOUcentric adds wireless capabilities to CRM software

On the heels of Palm Inc.'s recent announcement to partner with software and consulting companies to provide wireless capabilities to CRM offerings, YOUcentric Inc. has announced that it has enhanced its own YOUrelate software with wireless functionality. YOUrelate's new wireless functions enable customers to interact via a browser on Web enabled phones, wireless application protocol (WAP) enabled devices and Palm or Pocket PC-compatible devices.

YOUrelate is e-business management relationship software that can be customized to meet the needs of individual businesses, according to Ganesh Bell, vice president and chief software architect for YOUcentric. Instead of delivering a static software package, YOUcentric custom-designs features of YOUrelate for its clients.

The software runs on an ASP model and is Web-based, using Java architecture. This makes it easier to add new devices as they come along, Bell said. Support is planned for Blackberry devices, he added. Currently, YOUrelate runs on traditional desktops, thin clients, handheld devices and WAP-enabled phones. "It's compatible with every Web-enabled phone you can purchase in the market... from Sprint, Verizon [and other wireless providers]," he said.

With the new wireless capabilities, users can access data in real-time from a mobile laptop to a cellular phone. "As we add new functionality [to YOUrelate], we'll overcome the challenges of the limitations of a small screen," Bell said.

For example, sales representatives can access their leads and other data from their wireless devices. Additionally, with the custom software that YOUcentric provides, customers of a company can access their own data and post service requests from their mobile devices.

Bell expects to see early adoption of the wireless capabilities in financial services and life sciences, "any industry that views instant access to information as critical to their success."

"The uniqueness of the solution is that the customer does not have to worry about plumbings or underpinnings... the customer customizes [the software] once and can access [their data] from a mobile laptop or cell phone," Bell said. Not only does this lighten the load for sales representatives and other field workers, it also ensures that all data accessed is current.

A full upgrade for YOUrelate is expected in the first quarter of 2001. Pricing was not available.

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