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Allaire and WebTrends form alliance

Allaire Spectra users may want to produce a more pleasing Web experience for their customers, and for that, they can look to software companies Allaire Corporation and WebTrends Corporation. The two have announced an alliance and data integration between the Allaire Spectra application framework for content management, e-commerce and personalization and the WebTrends CommerceTrends visitor relationship management (VRM) platform.

The Allaire/WebTrends alliance includes joint development of the WebTrends Data Conduit for Allaire Spectra, which integrates the two platforms and allows e-businesses to conduct comprehensive visitor analysis on Web sites built with Allaire Spectra.

WebTrends Data Conduit for Allaire Spectra enables companies to translate Spectra-specific Web data into the universal W3C-compliant format. With the translation, Spectra sites can utilize the WebTrends VRM platform in order to combine visitor data with other corporate data sources, such as CRM and content management systems.

According to Allaire, the integration of Spectra and CommerceTrends provides a more intelligent method of integration, analysis and reporting. Meanwhile, WebTrends said the alliance with Allaire will enable companies to analyze visitor information and create maximum satisfaction for their Web site visitors.

Spectra also supports the open VRM platform. By integrating advanced "clickstream" data with other enterprise data, the VRM platform provides business managers with insight into visitor behavior and preferences, offering the ability to customize functionality through an organization's existing personalization, marketing automation and content management software.

The WebTrends Data Conduit for Allaire Spectra will become available with the release of Allaire Spectra 1.5, which has not yet been announced. Pricing begins at $12,000.

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