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Campaign Monitor's Tagga acquisition merges email marketing, CRM

The purchase of Tagga is expected to help Campaign Monitor combine cloud email marketing with CRM. Less costly, more personalized marketing campaigns will be possible.

Campaign Monitor -- which provides email marketing automation to small and medium-sized businesses, but also counts Coca-Cola, Airbnb, Converse and BuzzFeed on its customer rolls -- has bought customer data platform Tagga.

Andrea Wildt, chief marketing officer at Campaign Monitor, said the new entity will provide a complete email marketing CRM package that will further streamline business-to-consumer, or B2C, email campaigns. The back-end tools with which Tagga can support Campaign Monitor's email marketing will automate processes that hitherto took many employee hours and required large budgets out of reach to the typical SMB customer.

Part of the reason, Wildt said, is B2C companies use a combination of tools to track the results of their campaigns and the customer lifecycle. Data is often marooned in silos, such as the e-commerce system, website and display-ad, and it can't be combined to find deeper insights on potential future sales.

Users vary widely in size

It may seem counterintuitive that an email marketing CRM tool such as Campaign Monitor would cater to a range of small businesses up to very large, well-known brands, with a sweet spot square in the middle. But it does.

Wildt said the company attracts a wide variety of clients because larger organizations may have a smaller marketing department, or a group that is testing ideas with the cloud-based Campaign Monitor, which requires much less IT overhead than other choices a large enterprise might have at its disposal. Larger companies may have access to more granular data to feed into Campaign Monitor for campaigns they're piloting. Or, in the case of Coca-Cola, they use the cloud email tool for internal marketing campaigns.

That being said, she added that companies that have found success with Campaign Monitor typically tend to have a few hundred employees and play in the retail, hospitality, travel, nonprofit and publishing verticals. Marketing teams starting at three or four people -- and larger -- seem to use the tool most effectively.

Customer profiles in one place

Features added to Campaign Monitor from Tagga will enable its customers to track all of a customer's touch points with the company.

The features added to Campaign Monitor from Tagga will enable its customers to track all of a customer's touch points with the company and aggregate them in a single profile in the email marketing CRM service. That will enable customers to launch more personalized campaigns that larger companies could afford, but may not have, because they didn't have the capacity to segment customers by personas or demographics.

"Unlike a B2B company that's doing a hundred deals a month, a B2C company is dealing with a massive amount of volume, like 100,000 customers a month," Wildt said. "Outside the Fortune 500, a lot of these organizations struggle bringing this data together, because they don't have armies of developers and data scientists."

Campaign Monitor is a subscription-based service priced according to volume of email sent out. No pricing has been announced for the Tagga beta upgrade that will come out this year, Wildt said, but the current service starts at $9 for sending 2,500 emails to 500 people, with larger-scale plans available as brands grow their email footprint.

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