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Salesforce Wave Analytics App integrates with B2B marketing

With added functionality for Salesforce Wave, users can now receive analytics for B2B marketing and financial services without having to leave the Salesforce platform.

Less than two years after introducing the Wave Analytics Cloud, Salesforce has extended its capabilities to B2B marketing and financial services, and it is adding 20 new independent software vendor applications that integrate with the platform.

Salesforce also is preparing to release Einstein, a platform-wide artificial intelligence system that is expected to enhance Wave's machine learning capabilities. With the availability of new third-party applications for Wave Analytics App, Salesforce hopes more companies utilize its capabilities now that it includes B2B marketing and financial services.

"The real attractive thing about Wave is they made the insight you receive actionable," said Angus Lindsay, director of enterprise technology at athenahealth Inc., based in Watertown, Mass. "There are a lot of BI [business intelligence] and analytics platforms out there that load in data and makes it visualized, and you can dive in and receive insight. With Salesforce Wave, if I find an opportunity, I don't have to swivel my chair and open up Salesforce, I can just click on the insight and it funnels directly to it. It basically closes the loop from where the data originated."

Athenahealth has been using Salesforce Wave since October 2015. The company provides medical practice management for its customers, including storing and maintaining electronic medical records, patient communication scheduling and billing. Of its 5,000 worldwide employees, Lindsay said about 3,800 employees use Salesforce regularly.

While Salesforce Wave is embedded in athenahealth's call center, sales and professional service spheres, Lindsay is expanding into using Wave capabilities for marketing. He said he hopes the new integrations make that process worthwhile.

"We have several segments that we market to, and we want to tackle the enterprise segment," Lindsay said. "Instead of using Excel spreadsheets, we'll be taking that data and bringing it into Wave, building it and visualizing it to roll out to our marketing leadership."

Salesforce Wave Analytics App for B2B marketing will allow marketing teams to dive into CRM data, such as lead volume, lead conversion rates, pipeline velocity and campaign ROI. It will also be able to combine data with third-party sources, including Google Analytics, email and social apps.

Instead of using Excel ... we'll be taking that data and bringing it into Wave, building it and visualizing it to roll out to our marketing leadership.
Angus Lindsaydirector of enterprise technology, athenahealth

The goal of the Wave Analytics App integration is to help break down data between marketing and sales teams that is typically segregated, according to Allie Witherspoon, senior product marketing manager for Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

The other integration for Wave Analytics App is for the Financial Services Cloud, and it is expected to benefit financial advisers by allowing them to focus on the right client at the right time.

"It's all about getting client analytics to each adviser," Witherspoon said. "Now, an adviser can segment data by market trends, leading to better client management."

One of the 20 independent software vendors Salesforce partnered with to create applications that integrate with Salesforce Wave and provide industry-specific analytics is business management software company Mavenlink. The company created an application using Wave capabilities to view upcoming projects, determine which projects are at risk at a quick glance and to establish times to re-engage with clients. Other industry-specific applications include Vlocity's Clickstream Analysis for contact centers and ThinkLP Loss Prevention Analytics for retailers.

"By extending Wave Apps to even more departments and industries, we are making every employee smarter, empowering them with personalized answers [that are] embedded seamlessly where they work," Bob Stutz, chief analytics officer and CEO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, said in a news release.

All third-party applications are individually priced.

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