Salesforce scoops up another data intelligence company

Salesforce continues its trend of increasing data intelligence functionality with its third acquisition this year.

Data intelligence appears to be a purchasing trend for Salesforce. The cloud CRM provider plans to acquire its third such company this year -- a good sign for customers who need to dive deeper into their data.

Salesforce declined to comment on plans to acquire Implisit Insights Ltd., a Tel Aviv-based sales forecasting and intelligence technology provider. Implisit, however, confirmed on its blog on May 12 that Salesforce had reached an agreement to acquire the company. When the transaction closes, Implisit's technology will be integrated into the Salesforce platform and the company will cease selling its current products July 18.

Implisit will continue to enhance its artificial intelligence capabilities across the Salesforce Lightning platform, the company's founder, Gilad Raichshtain, stated in a news release.

The purchase will add to a stable of Salesforce acquisitions this year, which includes PredictionIO, a machine learning platform provider, and MetaMind, an artificial intelligence software provider.

Salesforce is trying to democratize data and enable all users to get insights from their core business data, said Kelsey Mason, an analyst at Technology Business Research Inc., in Hampton, N.H.

"Acquiring that functionality through the numerous acquisitions Salesforce has made over the last year helps the company quickly build this functionality into their applications," Mason said. "Implisit is just another way to build out Sales Cloud-specific predictive features."

This sentiment was echoed in public statements by Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff earlier this year. A progression toward software for data analysis, predictive systems and more insight is what drives these recent purchases, according to Benioff's statements at a March conference.

Predictive analytics and data intelligence functionality should improve on Salesforce platforms once these purchases are finalized and will likely complement the newer SalesforceIQ, which was made available late last year.

Business users want to be able to do more with their applications.
Kelsey Masonanalyst, Technology Business Research

"Business users want to be able to do more with their applications," Mason said. "They don't want to have to reach out to a business analyst or data scientist to dive deep into data they already access. With the intelligence that Salesforce has baked into its applications through these acquisitions, the data becomes democratized."

By democratizing that data, Mason continued, sales and marketing teams can best utilize their budget and drive revenue.

Data intelligence has been a primary area of investment for Salesforce since the launch of Analytics Cloud last year.

"Because of the complexity and nuance of this type of technology, it was easier and faster for Salesforce to acquire the functionality, rather than develop it itself," Mason said.

According to Implisit's website, the company's technology helps customers understand and measure the data that moves deals forward, analyze performance and it automatically enters data.

As customers continue to get the most information out of their data in the least amount of time, predictive analytics and data intelligence will most likely continue to be on the forefront of Salesforce's progression. Coming off the recently released Marketing Cloud Lightning, which enables the creation of more personalized, targeted, one-to-one customer journeys that integrate data from sales, service and marketing efforts, more data-driven software integration is expected.

"I could see it continuing to build in more niche functionality," Mason said. "Most of the data intelligence acquisitions Salesforce has made have primarily been Sales Cloud-focused. I could see Salesforce purchasing a customer service intelligence company to round out the other core cloud."

Representatives for Implisit did not respond to request for comment.

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