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Oracle announces cloud-based CRM knowledge management

Oracle expands knowledge management tools for its service cloud; SalesforceIQ for Small Business gets customer service integration.

Oracle has announced the inclusion of Oracle Knowledge Advanced in its Service Cloud, Oracle's platform for customer service. Bringing knowledge management to the Service Cloud aims to make information more accessible and searchable for customer service agents and customers.

Announced Nov. 11, Knowledge Advanced includes features to make information easy to create and manage among multiple channels, explained Nav Chakravarti, Oracle vice president of CRM knowledge. He cited the natural language processing and machine learning capabilities of the application, which links words and meanings in 36 different languages, as a key new feature for cloud customers.

"You want information to be easily findable. One of the challenges is that agents and customers might use terminology different from what a given document was written in," Chakravarti said. "We've taken terms such as buy and purchase and made them synonyms -- not just in English, but across many languages." 

Other features in the knowledge management platform include the following:

  • Federated search. Users can search content in the cloud and on premises in a single interface.
  • Analytics. Drag-and-drop report building features for evaluating CRM knowledge management performance.

Chakravarti said Oracle Knowledge Advanced provides a cloud-based version of services that were previously available only on premises through Oracle Knowledge Enterprise. Oracle Knowledge Advanced is designed to search other CRM systems, such as Salesforce.

Oracle Knowledge Advanced is available either as a standalone product or as part of the Oracle Service Cloud.

Salesforce integrates with SalesforceIQ

Salesforce announced the integration of SalesforceIQ for Small Business and, two small and medium-sized business (SMB) offerings. Starting Nov. 12, the analytics and customer service applications will bring business intelligence to small businesses, as well as better enable sales and service teams to work together.

The integration follows Salesforce's purchase of RelateIQ and rollout of SalesforceIQ for Small Business at Dreamforce 2015. Sales teams using SalesforceIQ can now see customer service data directly in their feeds and sort data based on priority. users can also view a customer's history of service and sales interactions within their consoles. SMBs can now pull customer service data from directly into SalesforceIQ, so sales and service departments can use the most updated data.

The integration is free for Pro and Business Plus users, as well as for SalesforceIQ Growth and Business Plan users. Salesforce has not announced any other SalesforceIQ integrations with any other products, such as the Marketing or Sales clouds, but the company said it is considering additional integrations.

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