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IQO's CustomerView comes into focus

InternetQueryObject Corp. (iQO) has announced the launch of its new CRM tool CustomerView, an Internet-based application which can be accessed by internal staff as well as suppliers, allowing for up-to-the-minute supply chain management, campaign tracking and customer analysis. The purpose of the tool, according to Ron Duniasky, Senior Vice President and General Manager of iQO, is to allow anyone in a company access to customer data, rather than a select few. Using CustomerView, employees can instantly view market and sales trends, customer counts, product category performance, advertising campaign results, customer purchasing patterns and more.

The new software is designed to be simple enough for almost anyone to use, not just marketing analysts or top level management. "We call it 'OLAP for dummies'," quipped Dunaisky. OLAP refers to online analytical processing, which enables a user to extract and view data from different points-of-view. Query results are displayed in graphs and charts, which can be printed out or even pasted into a Powerpoint presentation.

Another benefit is the software's speed. The QueryObject system can query a large database of customer data in a matter of seconds. Traditional software can take several minutes or even hours, depending on the nature of the query. And, because many people in the company will be able to use the system themselves, they won't have to wait for someone else to do the analysis and deliver the information to them. Because of its scalability and speed, this technology will be most useful for retailers, insurance and financial companies - enterprises with very large databases.

CustomerView is offered as an ASP. IQO hosts the data and customers pay for use of the software on a monthly basis. According to Dunaisky, they can get a company up and running with their system in about 30 days. Kmart, a national retailer with over $3 billion in sales last month alone, is already using this technology.

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