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TriVium launches e-CRM software for mid-size businesses

TriVium Systems, Inc. has chosen DCI's CRM Demo and Conference in Los Angeles to announce its Web-based CRM suite, aimed at mid-size businesses and growing companies. SimpleRM allows for sales management, marketing campaigns, customer care and e-business functions.

"SimpleRM brings simplicity in key areas," said Mahmood Sher-Jan, director of marketing for TriVium. "The product has to be easy to learn, easy to navigate, easy to implement [and] easy to maintain."

SimpleRM provides this simplicity by integrating key points of customer interaction, including: online (e-mail, chat and Web forms), wireless (personal digital assistants and handheld computers), and wired (telephone and fax) support. It also features a graphical user interface (GUI) for non-technical business managers to set up their workflow automation.

"Our design of the workflow engine is such that business managers can design the business process without having to rely on an IT staff," Sher-Jan said.

The SimpleRM software also features drag-and-drop business flow creation, a dashboard management console, intelligent skills and rules-based routing and tracking for online and wired communications, and universal, secure, permission-based access to data for individual employees, departments, remote offices and partners. It supports sales, marketing, customer service, partner management and e-business functions, according to the company.

The software uses permission technology, which creates custom screens based on passwords so that a service representative can view relevant information, while partners can see appropriate data, Sher-Jan said.

Its backbone is a scalable messaging bus architecture that enables plug-and-play for all components, including databases, Web servers, e-mail servers, phone switches, faxes, wireless, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and third-party applications. It is also Java Message Service (JMS) compliant, according to Sher-Jan.

SimpleRM evolved out of a call center application, and TriVium brings telephony expertise to the package, Sher-Jan said. "The telephone will not go away as a means of communication, [which is why] providing computer telephony integration is important," he added.

The call center expertise "is where their strength lies," according to Karen Smith, senior analyst at Aberdeen Group.

Aimed at the small to mid-size business market, the software works on either an in-house or application service provider (ASP) platform.

"[Our software] is completely Java-based... it can run on-site or [through an ASP] and is accessible anywhere, anytime," Sher-Jan said.

By aiming at the small to mid-size business market, TriVium has a good chance of succeeding in it, according to Smith. "Less than 10% of CRM sales are in the mid-market... it's a very under-penetrated market segment, and up to this point, no company has penetrated this market," she said.

This release of SimpleRM is focused on user bases of five to 100, with a starting price of $1,000 per user. A required server component runs $10,000.

"Pricing seems to be pretty similar [to other offerings in the market]," Smith said. "It's not substantially lower. What [TriVium] is really driving at is providing a simple to use, simple to deploy solution, and if they can execute that effectively and demonstrate through customer wins, it would be a compelling proposition."

Smith cites Frontrange and Interact Commerce as competition, and also notes that emerging ASP models such as could give TriVium a run for their money.

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