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Aviso Insights expected to boost sales forecasting

Aviso Insights gives sales teams better forecasting capabilities; Base CRM releases new sales-centric features; Pegasystems partners with Atos.

Aviso Inc., a Palo Alto, Calif.-based provider of sales management SaaS applications, on Sept. 16 released Aviso Insights, which aims to augment sales forecasting.

Aviso Insights is designed for large companies and automatically gathers information from CRM systems, integrating with platforms such as, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. It then gives salespeople and executives data-driven insights to quarterly earnings, potential and pain points. Aimed at negating the practice of organizing sales information in simple spreadsheets, Aviso Insights is being billed as a coaching tool for managers to boost sales performance.

By assigning confidence scores to sales data and using a color-coded system that detects where a business is excelling or is deficient, Aviso Insights identifies gaps in a sales team's performance, prioritizes deals and highlights problem areas. Various dashboards show different views of data to present salespeople with relevant information. The system also provides predictive analytics and trend analysis.

Aviso Insights isolates data for each customer, preventing co-mingling as a security measure. The cost of an annual subscription fluctuates based on data volume.

Base CRM releases app updates

Base CRM on Sept. 22 announced new features to Base, its CRM app designed for salespeople. It aims to give sales teams more control over their data and make the sales process more efficient.

Base delivers real-time notifications to alert salespeople to changes in the sales pipeline. The application can be delivered to either a desktop, phone, or tablet, and is available on iOS, Android and Windows.

Appointments can be booked directly from the app, which keeps a record of every customer's past meetings, interactions, purchases, phone calls and emails. By tracking email and voice communication history, the app generates reports that show executives the probability of winning a deal based on time-to-action from the initial inquiry.

A new dashboard displays a complete view of a representative's performance, negating the need for executives to gather multiple reports. Base now allows users to build a product catalog and then add products to populate the price of a deal, ensuring accurate deal values and support for  sales forecasting. The Stage Duration Analysis Report shows how fast deals are made, and further helps sales forecasting by predicting the likelihood of winning deals.

Palo Alto-Calif.-based Base is available at three product levels: starter ($15 per user, per month); professional ($45); and enterprise ($125).

Pegasystems partners with Atos

Cambridge, Mass.-based CRM and BPM provider Pegasystems Inc. partnered with French multinational IT services company Atos SE on Sept. 9.

Atos will develop its Pega business across multiple channels, including services for software licenses sold by Pega, and add Pega-based applications to Canopy, the Atos cloud. Atos also plans to use Pegasystems to help maximize the technology infrastructures in its existing customer base, including layering it over ERP platforms. Pegasystems plans to further boost its products' profiles in order to gain more business among large blue chip and public sector organizations.

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