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SalesMesh 2.0 features more control over customer data

AppMesh's latest update to its mobile app, SalesMesh, gives users more ways to refine customer data before it is put into a corporate system.

AppMesh, a San Francisco-based CRM provider, released SalesMesh 2.0 on Sept. 4. The updated version is a redesigned mobile-only application for sales representatives that integrates with and is meant to give the user more control over data on customers and prospects. SalesMesh, which only works with devices running iOS 6 or later, collects and manages customer data, then syncs it across all of a rep's devices. The app draws data from the user's email, calendar, contacts, company information and notes, and the user can then choose which data to share and sync with their enterprise CRM platform. After data is in the platform, sales reps have a separate, personal space within the app where they can refine data before they place it into the CRM system.

SalesMesh 2.0 features a redesigned interface that includes a built-in help function. When a customer's information is put into the system, sales reps can employ "@mentions" -- in a similar structure to a Twitter conversation -- to reference and create related records.

SalesMesh 2.0 is available on iTunes and is free for individual use and for teams of up to five people.

iPipeline, Salesforce come together

Digital marketing and sales provider iPipeline joined the Partner Program on Sept. 3. The partnership allows iPipeline customers, mainly in the insurance and financial services industries, to deploy the AgentOne Desktop, a new tool that will be delivered with the Salesforce1 platform and integrate with iPipeline's marketing, sales and processing applications.

The new platform will be available for enterprises in the late fall or early winter, with a version of AgentOne for independent agents to follow after that.

AgentOne can run on a client's existing Salesforce implementation, giving agents access to iPipeline's data within the Salesforce interface. The platform can also add sales force automation, campaign management and call center integration capabilities.

Sprinklr adds to social CRM platform

Sprinklr, a social media management system provider, acquired social strategy and marketing platform Branderati on Sept. 3 --  the company's third acquisition in the past eight months.

Branderati specializes in identifying "influencers" -- or brand loyalists and other active social media participants -- which drive conversations on each respective platform, aiming to boost a company's ROI by measuring the impact such interaction has on a particular brand. Those who are seen as having an affinity for a brand are asked to participate in a screening process designed to mold a social and demographic profile, which can be used to send that "influencer" targeted campaigns. Branderati also provides metrics, such as seasonal trend analysis and other reporting.

The announcement comes after Sprinklr acquired social advertising platform TBG Digital in April, a follow-up to its purchase of Dachis Group in February, which incorporated brand analytics, content optimization and employee advocacy into Sprinklr's existing platform.

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