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Sales and marketing platform captures client data

Sales and marketing platform Salesgenie looks to upgrade lead management and marketing capabilities, enabling users to customize email campaigns and contact prospects; and other CRM news.

An expansion of Salesgenie, a cloud-based tool from data and marketing services provider Infogroup, includes upgraded lead management, dialer and other capabilities in its sales and marketing platform.

The enhancements include three offerings: the Salesgenie Lead Manager, Salesgenie Dialer and the updated Email Campaign Builder, all of which are designed to integrate sales and marketing processes.

Lead Manager offers improved sorting functionality, allowing agents to see their record counts, resize and reorder columns, locate records by assigned number and choose to see up to 90 records at a time. It also features unlimited notes for tracking follow-ups; new lead status icons --e.g. hot, cold, or already a customer -- with the ability to filter by each status; and tagging capabilities that allow labels to be placed on each lead for more accurate searching.

With Dialer, users can call, research and manage a list of leads from a single interface. Representatives can dial direct from Salesgenie to schedule follow-up calls, save notes about conversations, and tag certain leads according to relevancy to prevent redundant calls and refine future searches.

Reps can customize their email marketing content with Email Campaign Builder, which can generate targeted email lists and has about 300 themes and templates users can choose from, along with the option to customize. It can make content digestible on any mobile device and allows reps to post social media links to emails with ease.

Salesgenie's social and marketing platform starts at $99 per month, per user.

Gryphon Sales Intelligence analyzes call activity

Gryphon Networks has rolled out Gryphon Sales Intelligence, a cloud-based sales management system that automatically captures call activity data in order to improve sales forecasting and provide insight into performance. The program has a customizable sales dashboard -- which displays data from all call activity, whether from office or mobile phones, or dialing systems -- so that agents can prioritize by whichever key performance indicators (KPI) are relevant to them.

The system includes targeted speech analytics, which informs managers of certain keywords and phrases used in customer-agent conversations. Call activity can integrate into through a download from the AppExchange with the Click-to-Dial icon enabled, giving users the ability to have call activity automatically recorded without having to enter it in manually.

Gryphon Sales Intelligence is available now for $30 per month, per user.

Salesforce unveils video capabilities

Users of's customer support application can now integrate videos from any platform into their online customer service strategy.

The Video Support Center, which is included in every subscription, provides templates where agents can create video help centers for customers with just a few clicks. Managers can access new reports and metrics, including on video performance, within the app. The measure is aimed toward developing self-service support videos so customers can solve problems on their own. customers with a subscription to Vimeo PRO can now embed its customizable, HD video player anywhere, free of advertisements. is available starting at $30 per month, per user.

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