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Sitecore, Komfo join to create social marketing suite

After buying a majority stake in Komfo, CEM platform provider Sitecore has launched Sitecore Social, a social media marketing suite that allows marketers to publish content on those channels; and other CRM news.

Through its acquisition of a majority stake in Komfo, customer experience management software provider Sitecore announced the launch of Sitecore Social, a social media marketing suite that publishes on multiple social media platforms from a single interface. The site then measures the return on investment of organic versus paid posts. Komfo is a Danish social media marketing application provider that aims to extend into global markets as a result of the partnership.

Sitecore Social, which was rolled out July 15, allows marketers to publish content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. Through the integration of Komfo's social listening and management tool with Sitecore's CEM platform, the marketing suite will deliver personalized, multichannel marketing. The tool tracks interactions across each channel and measures how much people are engaging with a particular post. It then reports back to the user as a percentage of click-through and adds badges to show what is trending.

"We believe that the future of online belongs to the brands [that] … combine branding, eCommerce and social media -- not as three separate focus areas," said Michael Rying, head of online for B&O Play, a joint Sitecore/Komfo customer.

Sitecore Social will integrate social intelligence with customer activity from all touch points, giving marketers the ability to track what their customers are doing. Features include content engagement metrics -- or the number of times people have viewed and clicked on content -- ad management capabilities, built-in analytics and content development, and distribution scheduling. If certain thresholds are reached, then Sitecore Social will highlight that content as particularly well-performing.

"We need to rethink how we work, and which tools we use," Rying said. "This is why we see the Sitecore and Komfo partnership as a perfect match enabling us to have a much more holistic approach to working digitally. The better we as marketers are at listening and observing our customers, the easier it becomes to support them with the right communication and products at the right time -- on the right platform."

SalesReach unites Pardot, Salesforce1 Sales Cloud

In an effort to help sales representatives and marketers work together and to communicate with customers more easily, announced the release of the mobile app Salesforce1 SalesReach, which unites Salesforce1 Sales Cloud, Pardot and communities.

New features include giving sales reps the most updated information on the activities of prospects and allowing reps to create targeted marketing campaigns. Salesreach is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2015 -- representatives from the company said pricing hasn't been determined yet.

With micro marketing campaigns, reps can initial sales information to prospective customers from their phones and also create "mobile nurture campaigns," where reps can access email templates and send potential clients targeted content. Reps can access a 36-hour activity record of their prospects’ actions, which is organized in a customizable feed featuring real-time consumer activity. The goal is to enable reps to cultivate their pipelines rather than neglect them while they are on the road, trying to close deals.

The app also features Salesforce communities, which allows clients and sales representatives to converse with one another either publicly or privately.

SalesReach is available on all devices that currently use Salesforce1. Pardot is a B2B marketing automation software provider.

Pipeliner CRM integrates with more than 30 tools

Pipeliner CRM users can now integrate the Los Angeles-based company’s platform with more than 30 tools, including customer service ticketing services Zendesk and Freshdesk, marketing software provider HubSpot and accounting softwares such as Quickbooks and Xero.

Customers can track sales support issues, tickets and other customer inquiries in the Zendesk and Freshdesk integration, while with HubSpot, users can automatically import analytical data and lead information into a contact record with Pipeliner’s platform. Other marketing integrations include MailChimp, Constant Contact, Act-On, ExactTarget, Wufoo, JotForm, Mad Mimi and Active Campaign.

Accounting data can also be synced with Pipeliner, and used for creating and updating contacts.

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