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Marketo, Integrate join forces in software collaboration

Marketing software company Integrate announced it will join Marketo's LaunchPoint Ecosystem; other CRM news.

Customers of Integrate's marketing software will see better integration with Marketo since the two companies have partnered through Marketo's LaunchPoint Ecosystem.

Integrate announced on June 25 it would join LaunchPoint, Marketo's digital app and services network. Users are now able to use Integrate to post prospect and offline data from campaigns to Marketo's customer engagement platform. Marketo then reports key performance indicators from the data back to the Integrate dashboard.

Integrate provides software as a service (SaaS)-based workflow and process automation, data governance, marketing analytics and access to thousands of media partners to build and scale media programs.

Salesforce1 mobile app releases update

The new release of Salesforce1's mobile app adds more reporting capabilities aimed toward company staff, from executives to sales representatives.

The new features of the app, released July 3, include a single interface with drag-and-drop capabilities for charts, maps and other data, and are designed to give users access to data and the ability to integrate it with other Web and mobile apps. The customizable app includes data visualization features like charts and graphs, which are created in Salesforce and can be embedded into customer record pages. To create a visual element, the user inputs data into the app and Salesforce1 does the calculations. The chart engines are open source and free for end users, while the application programming interfaces (APIs) belong to Salesforce.

Users can share data and visual elements with co-workers through the Salesforce1 Chatter feed, which lists posts in a similar format to a social media platform.

Waterfall debuts first self-service MMS

The new release of mobile and social marketing software provider Waterfall's Mobile Messaging Service (MMS) is a self-service interface that aims to deliver multimedia content to customers.

The SaaS platform, released June 30, integrates services like SMS, MMS, Passbook, Facebook, Twitter, 2D Codes, IVR, mobile wallets, mobile coupons and push notifications, allowing clients to target customers through mobile messaging according to a consumer's subscription preferences, location or demographics. Content can include images, animated GIFs, videos and audio, and is available for all devices and carriers.

Marketers using the San Francisco-based company's software can now combine the MMS with other mobile messaging media for their campaigns. They can create and send campaigns from anywhere at any time via smartphone, Web app or API, and respond to customer requests with any of the aforementioned content.

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