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Google Drive, Salesforce come together, other news

A new app integrates Google Drive with Salesforce, and other CRM news.

Users of Google Drive and Salesforce can now use Cirrus Files, a new app from Cirrus Insight that allows users to manage and sync files between them. Cirrus Insight, which already developed an app to integrate Salesforce with Gmail and Google Apps, enables all Salesforce documents to be organized in the Cirrus Files folder in Google Drive. Now, contacts, accounts and other information will be synced with the corresponding records in Salesforce.

Cirrus Files creates a corresponding folder in Google Drive where users can create and store documents and files. Once information is generated in Salesforce, such as a contact or account, a salesperson can then create a contract in Google Drive and sync it to the opportunity in Salesforce. This frees up storage space in Salesforce and promotes efficiency by eliminating the redundant task of having to re-upload multiple versions of information to Salesforce. Cirrus Files uses Google Drive's organizational capabilities to make the file accessible to the user.

Cirrus Files is available to all users of Google Drive for $5 per user per month from the Salesforce AppExchange.

Pegasystems releases customer service software upgrade for insurance industry

Pegasystems Inc., a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based software company, announced upgrades to its Customer Process Manager for Insurance (CPMI) program on June 5. The platform will now feature a single user interface across all channels and improved case management capabilities, the company said.

Designed with the insurance industry in mind, CPMI allows insurers to communicate with customers via their preferred channels in an effort that aims for an omnichannel user experience. In addition, a program called Pega Live Data intends to simplify data for agents.

New features of the platform include the ability to create customer composites, providing a redesigned view of each customer that includes a new thumbnail, a message and alerts capability, and more policy selection control. New submissions and claims can be initiated through CPMI and completed in Pega's existing underwriting and claims software. Social media interactions can now be added to agent portals, bringing more visibility to relevant tweets and Facebook posts with a tab that combines the two. Agents can now view complete customer information in a customized composite using the updated search function.

Alternative releases update of iQ quoting application

Alternative Technology Solutions Inc., an enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management (CRM) service provider, released a new version of its iQ Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) application in March, an update from the original version that rolled out in June 2013. Available on the Salesforce AppExchange, the app aims to serve manufacturers with a more streamlined feel.

To reduce wasted resources devoted to repeatable tasks, such as subscriptions or maintenance contracts, iQ is now designed around quoting recurring and subscription products. Template creation is more user-friendly with additional features in styling and formatting. For pricing, iQ now features a target margin price calculator, price lists and rules-based markup pricing. DocuSign, a digital transaction management platform, now integrates into the iQ app to assist in approval turnaround. The app fosters collaboration in quote generation among sales reps who use Salesforce Partner Communities. The iQ app can now be deployed through the Salesforce1 app to give users another option to access information.

Aliso Viejo, California-based Alternative plans to roll out its next iQ update in the third quarter.

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