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CRM metrics video series

CRM experts from across CRM's core disciplines explain what are the right -- and wrong -- metrics to use to measure a CRM initiative and how to properly set up a metrics program.

Defining, determining and gathering the right metrics – and avoiding misleading or useless ones – is a frequent challenge for any CRM initiative.

In this series of videos, experts from across multiple CRM disciplines explain good CRM metrics, bad CRM metrics and how to find them and how sales, service and marketing professionals can be sure their company is following them.

Ray Wang, founder of the Constellation Research, Paul Greenberg, president of the 56 Group LLC, Bill Band and Kate Leggett, analysts with Forrester Research and Sameer Patel, founding partner of the Sovos Group, all offer their advice on metrics and the way the social customer is impacting the way companies view their customers – and more importantly how customers view the company.

For more on CRM metrics, there are a bevy of useful articles and guides on

Paul Greenberg on the limits of NPS and its replacement
Ray Wang on social CRM metrics
Kate Leggett on prioritizing customer service metrics
Bill Band on defining and building a CRM metrics strategy
Sameer Patel: Have we forgotten the 'R' in CRM

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