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RightNow to acquire natural language search firm

Q-go will bring intent-based results to the RightNow CX platform to improve online customer service and conversion rates.

RightNow Technologies yesterday acquired, an Amsterdam-based natural language search engine for $34 million in cash.

Bozeman, Mont.-based RightNow, will add Q-go’s search capability to its CX platform, to improve online customer service and boost conversions.

“Q-go’s natural language search technology is a powerful addition to RightNow CX and will help us redefine the way consumers experience a brand,” RightNow CEO Greg Gianforte wrote on his blog. “With the addition of Q-go, we are going to elevate great customer experiences from the support page to the home page.”

Q-go’s search engine provides intent-based results and beyond keywords, according to RightNow. For example,  “open a savings account” and “start an account for savings” are different phrases with the same intent. Q-go also provides industry specific linguistic dictionaries and language identification.

RightNow CX Intent Guide and RightNow Natural Language Search will be available immediately following the acquisition and will be integrated into RightNow CX February 2011.

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