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On-demand CRM price comparison

Software as a Service, or on-demand CRM, has transformed the way CRM software is priced. See how the top SaaS vendors stack up against one another.

Software as a Service (SaaS) has radically simplified pricing for CRM software. It's much easier to compare products across the industry. There are some differences however. The chart below provides an at-a-glance look at how the prices compare. List prices anyway. Most companies can negotiate some sort of discount and SaaS renewals and SaaS service level agreements offer other wrinkles as well.


Salesforce Sales Cloud 2
Contact Manager
$5 /user/month Contact management for up to 5 users  
$25 /user/month Basic sales and marketing for up to 5 users Free storage up to 1 GB of data and 1 GB file storage by all users.
$65 /user/month Complete CRM for any size team Added fee for offline access, mobile, which are unavailable in lower cost editions. Free storage up to 20MB of data and 600 MB of file storage/user.
$125 /user/month Customize CRM for your entire business Added fee for mobile, which is unavailable in lower cost editions. Free storage up to 20MB of data and 600 MB of file storage/user.
$250 /user/month Premier support tailors CRM for your business Free storage up to 120 MB of data and 600 MB of file storage/user.
Salesforce Service Cloud 2
$65 /user/month Basic service and support for any size team Extra fee for mobile client. Same storage limits as Sales Cloud.
$135 /user/month Extend service to the web with customization and integration Extra fee for mobile client. Same storage limits as Sales Cloud.
$260 /user/month Premier support customizes your service app cloud for your business Same storage limits as Sales Cloud.
Salesforce Chatter
$15 /user/month Online internal collaboration tool $15 for users without a license
Free Free first app that supports up to 100 users.
Platform to create apps fast without having to buy hardware or install software
$79 /user/month    
$129 /user/month Includes order management, upsell/cross-sell, project tracking, partner management, and basic Web site hosting capabilities Additional $199 /month cost option including incentive management, advanced site builder and web analytics. Storage over 10GB requires additional subscription fee.
Microsoft CRM Online
$34 /user/month Using the Power of Choice in deployment, purchase, and use, Microsoft Dynamics is flexible yet familiar and aims to deliver ease of customization and integration Promotional pricing available for first 12 months for new customers up until June 30. Storage includes 5GB.
Oracle CRM On Demand
$75 /user/month Expect Embedded Analytics and a Pre-Built Data Warehouse, Call Center, Industry-Specific editions, training options, Customer Care, Consulting Services packages Storage includes 15,000 records per user with 100 MB per record for the multi-tenant edition. Extra storage available on a per month basis.
Sugar CRM OnDemand
$360 /user/year Organizes sales, marketing and support information in a single application
Minimum 5 users
Extra storage fees over 1GB or 30 MB per user.
$600 /user/year All of the functionality needed for the most sophisticated customer-facing initiatives
Minimum 5 users
Extra storage fees past 1 GB or 120 MB per user.
RightNow CX
$110 /user/month RightNow App Builder, Knowledge Foundation, and Mission Critical Operations
Total pricing based on multiple factors
Storage includes 6GB with the instance, 2 GB for each additional external interface, 1 GB for every 50,000 annual sessions.

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