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Enterprise Feedback Management – Special Report

There are more ways to survey and listen to customers than ever but organizations must approach it carefully. This special report offers real world examples, pitfalls and best practices for EFM.

The emergence of social networks, faster and cheaper surveying tools and customers who are more willing than ever to share their experiences has opened up new possibilities in Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM).But there are right ways and wrong ways to do it. Angering customers with repeated requests for feedback can do more harm than good and relying on social networks may not answer the questions you want to ask. What follows is some real-world examples, advice for how to run a proper customer feedback program and some of the pitfalls to beware of.

  Issues roadblocks and doubts facing EFM

Customer feedback management tools advance, but still no social media : Despite social media playing a prominent role in becoming a feedback tool in public business, companies have been slow to embrace this opportunity. Companies’ hesitancy regarding the shift rests on fears of the ever-changing realm of social media and whether it is formidable enough to support their feedback needs.   

Customer feedback management: Is anybody listening? : Feedback from former customers can be helpful for the consumers themselves, says one vehicle buyer who is disgruntled by the idea that some companies are delivering subpar service by not listening to their customer’s complaints.  

Enterprise Feedback - How to Capture It And Take Action : Enterprise Feedback Management can be a viable and useful tool, says an IT strategist, but beware of taking it too far. Said one customer for a major company: “We love your company. We love your products. We love your services. We hate your surveys. Last year you sent us 100 separate surveys."

The power of real-time customer surveys : Donna Fluss, President of DMG Consulting LLC, discusses real-time surveying tools and their importance and benefits. If these tools are not used, says Fluss, “the company subtly communicates that customer opinion is not important. Clearly, this isn't a desirable message.”

  EFM as a solution and EFM in action

Measuring Customer Loyalty : Everyone is aware of the benefits of EFM if implemented properly. Another plus exists in the fact that it can act as a measure of customer loyalty.

Customers: The best judge of agent performance:  One contributor discusses why he believes measuring customer satisfaction internally can become an issue as well as the benefits of reaching out and grabbing a large sample of customer opinions.

Customer surveying and feedback: Top 10 headlines : These headlines will point you in the direction towards proper ways to go about gathering customer feedback. Accounting for customer opinion remains a fundamental action that can differentiate between the rise or fall of a company.

Text analytics fueling Voice of the Customer programs : Voice of the Customer programs - or customer feedback programs - are gaining popularity, according to speakers at the Text Analytics Summit.  The "maturation of text analytics technology," is helping fuel the change.

Allegiance consolidates enterprise feedback management market with Inquisite acquisition : Allegiance Inc. scoops up Inquisite Inc., a  robust surveying company with success in the EFM market. The move downsized the crowded EFM market.

Honda revs up its survey strategy : Honda Motors USA is revamping the way it uses EFM. In an attempt to do away with multiple surveys, the automaker is trimming down to just one survey so not to frustrate its respondents. Of course, for Honda, it was not always this way, but has since learned from experience.

  Expert opinion and EFM statistics

Pareto chart: A Pareto Chart measures frequency and is an effective way of illustrating “which variables have the greatest cumulative effect on a given system.” Going in decreasing order, the tallest bars of the graph depict areas of greatest need for quality control. It is a useful tool when looking to measure EFM.

Submit your call center software and call center management question to Donna Fluss : Donna Fluss, an expert who has written on the topic of enterprise feedback management, can answer your questions. Visit the Call Center and send her a message.

Customer satisfaction surveys: Building a business case : Richard Snow, vice president  & research director at Ventana Research, helps you plan the best way to convey the importance of customer satisfaction surveys to your organization. To further stress the growing awareness of EFM that is out there, Ventana's survey found that 79% of respondents said that making an improvement to customer satisfaction was the number one priority for their contact center.

How to improve the customer experience in 10 steps : While there are many ways to go about improving the customer experience, some can be done relatively quickly and on the cheap. has 10 steps to get started.

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