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SAP demos new Twitter integration

Like many in the CRM market, SAP is seeking to tie emerging social media networks into its CRM software. In this video demonstration, SAP shows off its Twitter integration.

Like many of its competitors, SAP has begun integrating social networks into its CRM product. And, like many of its competitors, SAP has started with Twitter.

SAP CRM 7.0 has all key objects exposed as Web services allowing SAP to connect the Twitter API to SAP CRM. Additionally, the Business Objects Text Analyzer serves to provide sentiment analysis.

Combined SAP is enabling users to monitor and interact with their customers who want to connect to the company through the rapidly expanding social networking channel.

In the first demo, Bernard Chung, director of solution marketing for SAP, shows how customers can create service tickets based on Twitter messages and interactions as well as conduct marketing campaigns.


In the second demo, Chung demonstrates how organizations can create marketing campaigns in SAP CRM using the Twitter integration.

Yet, challenges remain for both SAP and its customers, Vinay Iyer, vice president of enterprise marketing for SAP CRM, acknowledged. There are security concerns with the social networks and mapping social network profiles to customer records presents a significant hurdle. Connecting directly to customers via social networks is difficult.

"What we're seeing when we demo this at a number of customers is they're at the first wave of deployment they're more interested in looking at things in the aggregate," Iyer said. "They're looking for tweets relevant to a brand and to do sentiment analysis and then create a service response based on that. Responding to individual tweets? The technology exists but it's not practically implemented yet."

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