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CRM job market improving

Demand for CRM skills is ramping up, according to Gartner, job boards and some recent research.

Things are looking bright for CRM professionals over the next year, according to a number of recent reports, job boards and industry developments.

Companies looking for people with CRM skills may be in a bind, however. Speaking at the

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Some key CRM job statistics from the last quarter from in the United States:

  • CRM applications consultants with functional/technical roles saw the most postings in the last quarter, with 10,279, followed by business analyst roles at 6,075, and developers at 4,921.
  • Applications consultants also had the highest average salary at $80,650, followed by business analysts in process, functional roles at $77,090, and CRM developers at $75,030.
  • The financial services industry had the most demand for CRM jobs last quarter with 5,846 postings, followed by manufacturing at 1,164 and healthcare at 850.
  • Among states, California led the way in demand for CRM jobs with 12,789 and median salary at $84,670, followed by Texas with 5,541 advertised jobs and average salaries of $80,140, and New York with 4,939 jobs and an average salary of $83,610.

    Demand for career development

    Sensing a vacuum in career development opportunities for CRM professionals, particularly with Web 2.0 technologies, three industry veterans have launched a website that offers social networking, a career management center and CRM news.

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