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CRM integration: Top five headlines

These top CRM integration headlines will update you on the latest in integrating and managing customer data with CRM. We've collaborated with our colleagues at to offer a complete picture of the latest in CRM integration with this special report.

Browse these articles on CRM integration to get tips on integrating and managing customer data before, during and after a CRM implementation. For this special report, we've partnered with our sister site, an authority in customer data integration and management information, to bring you the most popular headlines on CRM integration.


  Top CRM integration headlines  


1. CRM success relies on managing a project post-implementation: CRM managers need to monitor and steer a CRM project after the implementation to ensure success, according to Gartner.

2. Best practices in managing customer data: A survey by Aberdeen found that effective customer data management initiatives have executive endorsement, a centralized location and don't necessarily need master data management.

3. Seven reasons customer data integration projects fail: Customer data integration projects are susceptible to failure because they touch people, process and technology across an enterprise. These are some common pitfalls to avoid.

4. Data integration follows CRM in on-demand deployments: Data integration is evolving as companies migrate to on-demand applications such as New tools manage data integration between internal and external applications.

5. Customer data crucial to consolidating CRM: Mergers and acquisitions can result in a tangle of CRM systems and customer information. One consulting firm relied on its partner and careful change management to get through consolidating its separate CRM systems into one instance of Onyx.


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