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VoIP call center ROI: Top five headlines

This report offers a look at the VoIP call center landscape today and the considerations involved in measuring the ROI of VoIP call centers.

As call centers continue to move into Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) territory, measuring the ROI of VoIP technology in the call center becomes paramount for businesses considering or already using VoIP. This special report offers a look at the VoIP call center landscape today and the considerations involved in measuring the ROI of VoIP call centers.

  Top VoIP call center ROI headlines  

    1. VoIP in the call center: Making the transition: Smaller organizations are proving more nimble in making the switch to VoIP in the call center. One Florida credit union is already a veteran, and considers itself on the cutting edge of using VoIP technology.

    2. Guide to VoIP ROI: Forecasting the ROI of a VoIP implementation involves weighing savings on local and long distance charges as well as quantifying more elusive soft benefits like increased productivity and ease of adds, changes and management. This quick guide will help you realistically predict the ROI of a VoIP rollout and identify the hidden costs of supporting VoIP.

    3. Virtual call centers driving VoIP adoption: Organizations are driving down customer service costs by distributing agent workload across multiple locations, and VoIP is a key enabler, research shows. Cost is still the No. 1 reason companies are deploying virtual call centers, but some companies are also seeing improvements in customer satisfaction as they reduce their large call centers.

    4. VoIP call centers on a slow but steady adoption path: Some experts predict there will be no sales of traditional phone systems by 2009, but call centers are slow to adopt VoIP. According to the Stamford, Conn.-based research firm Gartner Inc., sales of new VoIP products are overtaking traditional circuit-based time-division multiplexing (TDM) systems, not only in call centers but elsewhere in the corporate enterprise.

    5. Contact centers mature, stagnant, report says: Call centers are making strides in adopting new technologies, but they're still plagued by many of the challenges they've faced for years. A 2006 report surveying call centers -- both big and small -- across the globe finds that the industry is undergoing massive change -- yet also remaining much the same.

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