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Voices of CRM: Gartner's Scott Nelson on CRM strategy

In this podcast, Scott Nelson shares his view on how the future of CRM will look different and how enterprises are returning to long-term CRM projects.

Scott Nelson
Scott Nelson

Scott Nelson is a managing vice president with Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner, focused on CRM and its relation to other applications within the enterprise such as ERP and supply chain management, as well as CRM strategy. He has been researching CRM for the past seven years at Gartner and focuses particularly on CRM strategy and vision.

  Voices of CRM: Gartner's Scott Nelson  

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  • Gartner: Enterprise CRM returns: A rebound in the economy and a move toward growing business is making CRM a priority again, but firms need to think carefully about getting processes in order.

  • Gartner analysts predict Oracle CRM moves: At the Gartner CRM Summit a trio of analysts shared their predictions on how Oracle CRM will evolve and what the new architecture will look like.

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  • CRM's glory years are back, report says: AMR Research backs up Nelson's assertion that enterprises are again spending on CRM technology and services.

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