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Real Time CRM winners named by ISM

ISM has added a new award, honoring CRM software vendors that have done the most to enable real-time functionality.

ISM Inc., the Bethesda, Md.-based software testing lab, has released a new set of awards focused on real-time functionality.

CRM applications are maturing, with the ability to provide up-to-the-minute data and insight into corporate performance, and the new awards recognize these developments, according to ISM.

Seven software applications, announced yesterday, received the award based on real-time dashboards, rapid application development tools, workflow building tools, business object configuration, and mobile device implementation.

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"The wireless impact on CRM has already begun to change the way customer-facing personnel work -- rapid answers to customer questions, fewer delays, instant access to order status, and inventory and real-time intelligence -- all of which confirm CRM's driving role behind the real-time enterprise," Barton Goldenberg, founder and president of ISM, said in a statement.

For years pundits have been declaring that this would be "the year for mobile CRM," only to see adoption lag and the large investment in mobile sales and field service tools that was predicted never truly materialize. Once again, analysts are sounding its arrival, and it may have some staying power this time. A study released in December 2005 predicts that mobile CRM investment will outpace investment in traditional CRM and by 2010 account for 20% of all CRM revenue, twice its current level.

Dashboards are also becoming increasingly important for organizations seeking to disseminate corporate data in an easily consumable format. Dashboards, with simple speedometer or traffic light icons, present up-to-the-minute data for front-line employees, disseminating information that organizations have already spent heavily on gathering with BI tools. A 2005 report from AMR Research found that of the large companies the Boston-based firm surveyed, 26% had implemented dashboards and another 13% were in the midst of an implementation.

The Real Time CRM Awards complement ISM's annual CRM software awards, which were expanded in 2004 to include an SMB CRM category.

The winning applications named in the ISM survey were:

  • C2 CRM v. 7.08.08 from Clear Technologies Inc.
  • Microsoft CRM v. 3.0 from Microsoft Inc.
  • Siebel 7.8 from Siebel Systems Inc., recently acquired by Oracle
  • Salespage v. 4.7 from Salespage Technologies LLC
  • Saratoga CRM 6.5 from Saratoga Systems Inc.
  • growBusiness Solutions v. 3.0 from Software Innovation ASA, and
  • StayinFront CRM v. 9.3 from StayinFront Inc.
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