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Voices of CRM: Microsoft's Brad Wilson on on-demand CRM

In our inaugural podcast, we talk with Brad Wilson, general manager of CRM at Microsoft, about his take on the market, hosted CRM, the news from Convergence and "the next killer app in CRM."

@19658 In this podcast, Brad Wilson, general manager of Microsoft CRM, spoke from Convergence, Microsoft's main CRM-related conference, on Microsoft and on-demand CRM.

Wilson, whose background includes stints at PeopleSoft, Epiphany and a number of start-ups, shared his experiences in the CRM market over the past 12 years and what to expect in the future, both from Microsoft and the market, including on-demand CRM. Wilson also discusses what he sees as "the next killer app in CRM."

  Voices of CRM: Microsoft's Brad Wilson  

  • Download the podcast: Hear Microsoft's head of CRM sound off on the market, on-demand CRM, Titan (Microsoft's next CRM release) and the news from Convergence.

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