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Onyx focuses on BPM

With its analytics release and a new BPM application announced today, Onyx is taking aim at business processes.

Onyx Software Corp., the CRM vendor strugglig to keep pace with the banner quarters of SAP and, today unveiled a new approach to the market.

The Bellevue, Wash.-based company today released Onyx Process Manager, part of the company's new process management portfolio, a suite of applications created to streamline business processes.

"We see these three pillars of customer management, process management and performance management really propelling us into a new space," said Ynette Gibbs, senior director of product management.

The Process Manager uses technology from Onyx's acquisition of Visuale last April, to provide a rules engine that doesn't require coding and a graphical process designer with which to establish those rules.

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For example, a sales escalation process can be easily mapped out with the new tool, Gibbs said. While a salesperson might be able to offer a discount of up to 10%, but needs a sales manager's approval for any discount up to 25% and a regional vice president's for anything more than that, those figures tend to blur over the course of a quarter. With the Process Manager, rules can be established to change things like the routing process depending on earnings and how far into the quarter the company is. A library feature also shows how processes impact everyone across the organization.

Metron Corp., a business process outsourcer for companies looking to release products in the United States, has been using Onyx for about a year and has streamlined its call center.

"We had legacy systems that were fairly vanilla," said Robert Williams, the chief financial officer. "If someone called into the center to ask about a shipment or an installation, the rep would have to go multiple places, multiple locations, tracking the transaction to find the status of the consumer's request. Now everything is in one place."

Onyx has created one vertical offering for the financial industry, the Account Origination Manager, designed to streamline the process of applying for and establishing a new account, and intends to roll out more vertical tools based on commonly used processes within industries this year.

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