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ISM honors 29 as CRM's best

ISM has identified 29 vendors in two categories for their CRM excellence in its annual awards. Implementation support and wireless functionality are emerging trends.

Once again, ISM Inc. is honoring the best among CRM technology vendors and there is no shortage of winners.

The Bethesda, Md.-based consultancy named 29 winners in its enterprise and small and medium-sized business (SMB) categories.

The vendors are increasingly focused on successful implementations, ensuring customers get value out of their investment, said Barton Goldenberg, ISM's founder and president. All the winners in the SMB category said they were doing more implementations now last year, with eight handling at least 60% of customer implementations.

Additionally, wireless capability functionality was also identified as an emerging trend. All the winners are offering some wireless application, mainly via personal data assistants, and all are planning to expand their wireless capabilities in the next year, Goldberg said.

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ISM tests the software at its software lab and rates each package according to 211 criterions, including 109 business functions, 49 technical features and 17 user support features.

ISM invited 46 companies to submit products for testing and 41 responded.

The top 15 winners in the Enterprise category are:

  • Amdocs ClarifyCRM v. 12 from Amdocs Ltd.
  • C2 CRM v 7.07 from Clear Technologies Inc.
  • Epiphany E6 v. 6.5 from Epiphany Inc.
  • Firstwave CRM 2004, from Firstwave Technologies Inc.
  • CMS v. 8.0 from OnContact Software Corp.
  • Onyx Enterprise CRM 5.0 from Onyx Software Corp.
  • ExSellence 4.8 from Optima Technologies Inc.
  • PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM 8.9 from Oracle Corp.
  • Pivotal CRM Suite 5.1 from Pivotal Corp.
  • mySAP CRM 4.0 from SAP AG
  • Saratoga iAvenue v. 6.4 from Saratoga Systems Inc.
  • Siebel 7.7 from Siebel Systems Inc.
  • growBusiness Solutions v. 2.5 from Software Innovation.
  • SSA CRM from SSA Global
  • Tibco Process RM v. 9.0 from Tibco.

The top 17 winners in the SMB category are:

  • ACCPAC CRM v. 5.7 from Accpac International
  • Ardexus MODE v. 4.5 from Ardexus Inc.
  • Powertrak v. 6.3 from Axonom Inc.
  • SalesLogix v. 6.2 from Best Software
  • C2 CRM v. 7.07 from Clear Technologies Inc.
  • Goldmine v. 6.7 and HEAT v. 8.0 from FrontRange Solutions Inc.
  • iETSolutions Enterprise v 9.5 from IETSolutions
  • Maximizer Enterprise 8.0 from Maximizer Software Inc.
  • NetCRM v. 10 and NetSuite v. 10 from NetSuite Inc.
  • CMS 8.0 from OnContact Software Corp.
  • Relavis v. 6.5 from Relavis Corp.
  • from
  • SalesPage v. 4.6 from SalesPage
  • Siebel CRM OnDemand v. 6.0 from Siebel Systems Inc.
  • StayinFront Visual Elk v. 9.1 from StayinFront Inc.
  • X-Pack for marketing.manager 6 from update Software AG.

ISM began issuing awards in 1990, and added the SMB category last year.

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