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Analyze this -- Siebel analytics extends beyond CRM

Siebel has added financials, workforce/employee performance and supply chain to its analytics arsenal.

LOS ANGELES -- Siebel Systems Inc. stepped beyond CRM analytics Monday with the availability of a new set of enterprise business intelligence (BI) tools.


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At its annual user week, the San Mateo, Calif.-based company unveiled cross-enterprise, prebuilt applications beyond the traditional legs of CRM, sales, service and marketing. The new tools move into financial analytics, workforce/employee performance management and supply chain, and supplier analytics.

"The knock has been that Siebel's a CRM company and BI is a hobby," said Larry Barbetta, group vice president and general manager Siebel business analytics. "I think this shows we're serious about BI."

The applications were developed in collaboration with customers, consulting firms and partners, Barbetta said. Siebel also announced its first BI alliance with Microsoft that will optimize Siebel analytics for Microsoft SQL Server and a partnership with Dayton, Ohio's Teradata, which will integrate and optimize Siebel Analytics for the Teradata Warehouse. Microsoft selected Siebel for sales and marketing analytical capabilities for its 10,000 employees.

"They're really moving out from CRM into a full analytics suite and that's a smart thing," said Bob Blumstein, analyst with Framingham, Mass.-based International Data Corp. "For example, with financial analytics everybody has to be singing from the same songbook."

The release includes intuitive dashboards, data extract, transform and loading routines that automate cross-source data integration, built-in domain specific best-practice metrics, key performance indicators and business processes based on customer success, Barbetta said.

Siebel has also teamed with Redwood City, Calif.-based Informatica Corp. to provide an interface to a range of enterprise applications such as SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle.

"This is in effect the plumbing into all those other sources," Barbetta said.

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