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Content spotlight: Marketing effectiveness

An exclusive collection of articles and resources on marketing effectiveness and related topics.

New!'s Learning Guide for Marketing Effectiveness


Eloqua CEO: 'It's marketing 101'
(Source:, 09/08/04)
Experimenting with different marketing channels is teaching some companies the best mix and providing some impressive response rates, says the CEO of Eloqua Corp.

Customization: The next frontier for sales and marketing
(Source:, 09/25/04)
Peppers & Rogers Group reports that companies using customized digital printing, digital collateral management or enterprise personalization are having a lot of success.

One-on-one with marketing guru Seth Godin
(Source:, 08/11/04)
The author of best-selling books says marketing is broken and offers some ideas on how to fix it. 

Is your Web site dynamite?
(Source:, 08/04/04)
You may think your online operation is doing the trick, but some companies found big payoffs in some seemingly small changes. 

Meet marketing's new best friend
(Source:, 07/27/04)
IVR systems aren't just a boon to the contact center. In some cases, they can maximize inbound marketing opportunities.


Regulation to boost marketing's investment in analytics
(Source: CRM Daily, 10/06/04)

Analyst bemoans impact of regulation on marketing
(Source: CRM Daily, 10/05/04)

Do Not Call list turns 1
(Source: CNET, 10/04/04)

Marketers join retention craze
(Source: destinationCRM, 09/30/04)

Microsoft sues Web hoster, eight more over spam
(Source: Reuters, 09/23/04)

SAP and Kimberly-Clark team up on marketing app
(Source: CRM Daily, 09/22/04)

Wanted: Spammers, cash reward
(Source: Associated Press, 09/20/04)

FCC bans wireless spam
(Source: InternetNews, 08/04/04)

The personalization-privacy debate
(Source: destinationCRM, 07/28/04)


Webcast: Is your Web site working? How to boost online effectiveness with Web analytics
You know there's value in your Web site -- but where, exactly, do you find it? What do you measure? You have to start with determining how well your Web site is attracting customers, holding their interest, building relationships and accelerating the sales cycle. This webcast with leading web analytics expert and author Jim Sterne will delve into the business side of Web metrics and will draw a contrast between what you might measure and what you should measure


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