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Talisma, Concerto go shopping
(Source:, 09/10/04)
Talisma acquires eAssist the day after Concerto buys Rockwell FirstPoint Contact.

Getting contact center buy-in from senior management
(Source:, 09/02/04)
Getting support for what has often been referred to as the "cost center" can be a difficult task. Start with math.

Report: U.S. call centers vanishing
(Source:, 08/27/04)
Expect about 3,000 U.S. call centers and 140,000 positions to go away in the next few years, a new report found.

The do-it-all agent
(Source:, 08/17/04) sells multiple brands through multiple channels. And, somehow, the same customer service reps handle it all.

For contact centers, going virtual is a reality
(Source:, 08/16/04)
Looking for a way to cut back on those notoriously high turnover rates for customer service reps? The answer may be keeping your agents at home.

Workforce management: Contact center savior?
(Source:, 08/12/04)
If you're not using workforce management software, experts at the ICCM conference said your contact center probably isn't running as efficiently as it could be.

Contact centers hung up on quality metrics
(Source:, 07/12/04)
As the contact center evolves, so do the metrics that companies are using to determine whether their service and support staff is succeeding. Are you measuring the right things?

Contact centers due for an extreme makeover
(Source:, 06/22/04)
Two CRM industry observers say outmoded thinking masks the true beauty of the contact center: profitability.

The sky's the limit for contact center agents at Continental
(Source:, 06/07/04)
Turnover at the airline's call center is among the lowest in the industry, thanks in part to the career path the company sketches for its service agents.

A new acronym for the call center: Total Cost of Outsourcing (TCO)
(Source:, 06/05/04)
Before you make an outsourcing decision, consider the associated costs from all angles. Call center expert Lori Bocklund provides some guidance on what to include in your total cost of outsourcing (TCO) analysis.


Agent optimization market to improve performance
(Source: CRMDaily, 09/03/04)

Changes afoot at FrontRange
(Source: destinationCRM, 08/23/04)

IP telephony not yet mainstream in the contact center
(Source: destinationCRM, 08/09/04)

Gartner: Savings from outsourced service overblown
(Source: destinationCRM, 07/30/04)

ClientLogic pre-tests for employee success
(Source: CRMDaily, 07/08/04)

Onyx partners with Interactive Intelligence
(Source: Contact Center Today, 06/16/04)


Calculating cost per seat
(Source: expert Lori Bocklund)

Creating a balanced incentive program for agents
(Source: expert Lori Bocklund)

Industry standards for Average Speed of Answer (ASA) and abandon rate
(Source: expert Lori Bocklund)

Recommended data collection tools for call centers
(Source: expert Lori Bocklund)

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