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Zendesk customer service software expands client support

Zendesk customer service software provides users with tools to help manage and improve their customer engagement strategies and customer support services goals.

Zendesk customer service software provides CRM personnel with a platform for proactive customer engagement and intuitive customer support.

This platform is available as a software as a service solution designed to work with today's popular Web browsers. Many of its capabilities are also available in the Zendesk mobile application, which is available for use on Apple, Android and Windows devices. Zendesk customer service software is suited for enterprises of all sizes, providing users with tools that are heavily focused on proactive customer engagement and customer support services. In addition, through the use of the platform's Insights feature, users are provided with tools and interactive dashboards for analysis and insight on user performance and customer interactions and lifecycles.

The software features an integrated email system for assisting with customer interactions. Each user is given a personal username that corresponds to their email account. Users are able to send and receive emails directly from the platform using their personalized email address (example: [email protected] When users receive emails from customers to their personal address, the Zendesk customer service software automatically turns the information in the email into a support ticket. This support ticket tracks and shows all interactions between the user and the customer as it relates to their particular issue up until the inquiry is resolved.

If a user has a pre-existing company email address that needs to remain active, this email account can be routed to the user's Zendesk email account using the platform's email settings page (users must also enable email forwarding on the pre-existing account). Any incoming customer interactions with this pre-existing email account will be viewable and answerable from the user's Zendesk email account, but outgoing responses will still appear as if they were sent from the pre-existing address. This eliminates any confusion customers may encounter if they receive an email from an unfamiliar sender. The platform also features easy-to-implement integration with Gmail.

To further assist with customer engagement, Zendesk customer service software features the company's Zopim live chat and interaction tool. Zopim can be added or built into any webpage and provides customers and customer relations personnel with a platform they can use to interact with one another for at-the-moment support services. Zopim also lets Zendesk users chat and connect with each other in the platform for quick internal interactions and give them real-time website visitor monitoring that provides information on what pages the visitor is browsing and if support is needed.

Also available in the platform is Zendesk Voice, which is an integrated phone support services and call center tool. Users can make and receive calls directly from the platform using a Zendesk Voice phone number or by importing existing phone numbers. Companies can customize which users receive calls, and these users can use the tool's recording and transcript service and phone ticket workflows to ensure smooth customer interactions and up-to-date customer information.

The capabilities of Zopim and Zendesk Voice can be built into users' websites and mobile apps using Zendesk Embeddables, which combines mobile software development kits and Zendesk APIs in one place for easy and efficient integration.

The Zendesk customer service software also includes Help Center. Help Center is added to a company's website and provides knowledge centers and community portals that allow potential or existing customers to ask questions or search for information in a forum-like environment. Help Center can be themed to match the look and feel of a company's existing website, and can feature provisions for things such as frequently asked questions. Help Center is also designed to be used on mobile devices, so customers have access to support services whenever and however they need them.

There are five software editions available, which can be purchased directly from Zendesk: Starter ($1 per user, per month), Regular ($25 per user, per month), Plus ($59 per user, per month), Enterprise ($125 per user, per month), and Enterprise Elite ($195 per user, per month). All editions can be billed annually or monthly (prices vary; the above represents costs associated with annual subscriptions). A breakdown of each edition's features can be found in Zendesk's comparison chart. A free 30-day trial of the Starter, Regular and Plus editions is available on Zendesk's website.

Each edition of Zendesk customer service software includes support services as well as access to self-serve online information centers and community forums. The Enterprise and Enterprise Elite editions offer 24/7 email and phone support and access to Zendesk's Customer Success program, which features personalized best practices training. Enterprise Elite users also receive their own personal customer support executive, a personal customer support team, support appointment booking and response time service level agreements.

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