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   Lori Bocklund, Founder and President, Strategic Contact    
 Lori is a widely recognized and respected expert in contact center strategy, technology and operations. She brings her thoughtful and insightful expertise to each client engagement, creating custom project plans and initiatives that serve clients' needs and solve real business challenges. Lori has the background and experience to not only develop the vision and strategy (and communicate it in a practical, results-focused way), but she also ensures the structure and framework to deliver the value each and every time. That's why so many come back for repeat engagements, read her publications, and come to see her speak at industry events around the world. They trust her and her unbiased, real-world knowledge of a wide range of contact center technologies.

Lori founded Strategic Contact in 2004 after spending nearly two decades in the contact center industry and working as a consultant for many years. She's attracted a team of other like-minded, bright, results-focused consultants. Together, it is the people, the process and their collective technology expertise that contribute to the company's ever-growing best practices library.

Lori's no-nonsense style and extensive knowledge of technologies and processes is highly coveted in the industry. Clients have sought her help on a variety of projects, including these types of engagements: Developing call center and technology strategies with associated business cases to address client business objectives; Leading clients through reengineering and redesign projects that included process change, organizational redesign, change management, and technology acquisition and implementation; Helping build contact centers from the ground up to support new companies or new business initiatives; Assessing existing operations and technology environments against best practices and then developing actionable recommendations for process changes, new management practices, and organizational change (including choosing an outsourcer); and Developing requirements and helping clients select and implement the best technologies to meet their needs (ACD, CRM, CTI, IVR, QM, WFM).

She has also co-authored the highly applauded book, Call Center Technology Demystified, along with many papers, toolkits, and a highly rated training course on call center technology planning and design. She's a frequent columnist and contributor in industry publications such as ICCM Weekly, Call Center Management Review, Contact Professional and, and has presented at conferences around the globe such as ICMI ACCE/Knowledge Exchange, CC Demo, LOMA, ComNet, Purdue Call Center Campus, ICCM, DMA, MTA and others.

Lori received her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from South Dakota State University, and her Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from George Washington University. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, and enjoys the challenge (and accomplishment) of a strenuous bicycle ride or cross-country skiing adventure.





   Steve Suhn, Consultant, Strategic Contact    
Steve is a highly regarded contact center operations professional with the unique ability to see the big picture and apply innovative solutions that drive valued and measurable results for clients. His 26 years of operations experience come from a wide variety of markets, including Airline and Hotel Reservations, Telecommunications, Insurance, Catalog and Retail Sales, Wireless Telecommunications and Data.

Steve has successfully planned and directed a comprehensive range of domestic and international operations including contact center startups, consolidations, outsourced management, labor contracts and multi-center networks ranging in size from 50 to 7,500 employees.

A sampling of his recent accomplishments includes: Consolidating call center operations for four companies and 12 centers into one virtual operation; Developing and implementing dashboard reporting at the representative, center and enterprise level providing immediate performance feedback on service and financial reporting; Implementing a network workforce management system consolidating three legacy systems in 12 autonomous centers into one virtual operation; and Developing a consolidated call handling group, routing and capacity plan providing the ability for inter-company centers to cross-utilize resources to reduce outsourcing and operating costs.

Steve's international expertise is continually in demand. For example, he has conducted feasibility studies regarding data and telecommunications systems and costs for regional service centers in India and South America, as well as completed a project implementation plan for a regional service center in Dubai, UAE. He has opened a reservations center in Singapore offering toll free service to seven Asian countries, implemented new telecom systems and networks in Brussels, London, Toronto, Mexico City, Singapore and Sydney, as well as developed North American and International Disaster Recovery plans for a major Hotel and Hospitality Company's Reservation Sales Offices.

Steve has completed studies in Cultural Anthropology at University of Northern Colorado, International Relations and Philosophy at Arizona State University, and African Political and Cultural Development at University of East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya. Steve's pastimes include reading, travel and having a great dinner with a few close friends..

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