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Manage your content with the IBM Digital Experience WCM platform

IBM Digital Experience is a WCM platform that offers users features for creating and managing digital content that can be optimized for viewing on a wide range of devices.

The IBM Digital Experience suite of products is an enterprise-grade web content management (WCM) platform that was designed to address the published and internal digital content needs of an organization. The platform provides users with authoring and publishing tools for creating and managing engaging end-user experiences that can be accessed on a variety of devices.
How does the platform support WCM tasks?

IBM Digital Experience comes with a set of authoring tools that is designed to be used by both highly trained and inexperienced web content developers. Flexible templates make it easy for users of all experience levels to build and deploy content quickly. Content developers (and other users) can edit in-line and directly on web pages, and the WCM platform's WYSIWYG capabilities provide users with previews of content as it is seen from a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Users can configure their own content development, revision and approval workflows to execute their content lifecycle, business process and approval requirements before going live with content. IBM's WCM platform also provides automatic end-user device detection and dynamic image optimization, enabling content to fit the optimal viewing requirements of any device. This saves IBM Digital Experience users the time of having to hand code changes for each device or device type for their content. At the same time, this provides a seamless customer experience, no matter what device the customer uses.

IBM Digital Experience provides integrated content and social, mobile and analytic tools that can be used to engage website visitors and content viewers on their terms. This, in turn, helps provide valuable analytics, personalization, and social and marketing end-user data. The platform also provides tools for mobile content management, e-commerce, marketing campaign management and multisite management, offering capabilities not found in more basic, content-centric WCM platforms.

Who benefits from using the platform?

IBM Digital Experience is best suited for enterprise-level organizations looking to create, publish and manage quality content that can be delivered to a range of devices. For organizations that are unable to run their own WCM platform internally, or just prefer not to, IBM offers Digital Experience on Cloud, a platform as a service (PaaS) offering that IBM maintains and runs from the IT side. Choosing IBM's PaaS option eliminates the need to bog down an IT team with supporting the WCM platform. However, it may offer capabilities beyond what is needed for only web content management, so consider this factor when choosing the best option for your business.

How is the software licensed and priced?

IBM prices out IBM Digital Experience based on each client's requirements, and those interested should contact IBM directly for more information. The price is dependent on whether companies run the software internally or opt to have it hosted in the cloud, where they can pay on a subscription basis.

For those electing to use an in-house system, IBM offers technical support for both hardware and software, which can include phone support, on-site visits and issue resolutions, via separate service contracts.

In both cloud and on-premises implementations of the platform, consulting and training services customized to fit an organization's needs are available on a pay-per-use basis.

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