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Examining the SAP CEC suite

The SAP CEC suite of platforms provides large enterprises with omnichannel customer engagement tools to support and enhance their sales, marketing and customer interaction needs.

The SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce (SAP CEC) suite is a collection of cloud platforms that provide tools for CRM, analytics, e-commerce, marketing, sales and more. These various customer engagement tools support both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) engagement strategies. Platforms in the SAP CEC suite are best suited for large enterprises that need omnichannel customer engagement tools.

The cloud platforms in the SAP CEC suite include the following:

SAP Cloud for Sales

This platform provides sales personnel with tools for sales analytics and reporting, account and lead management, predictive analytics, sales performance management, and mobile sales. Users can easily access customer or lead information using data management tools and can also quickly communicate with fellow sales personnel and share documents within the platform to keep the sales pipeline active. In addition, users can create and track sales campaigns, and assess the success of these campaigns using the analytics functions of SAP Cloud for Sales.

SAP Cloud for Service

This platform provides customer relations personnel with tools for multichannel interaction and interaction management, incident and task management, and customer service reports. The platform provides an email response management tool that lets users view the history of customer interactions, and users can also create and manage service tickets across email, phone and Web channels. Similar to Cloud for Sales, users can also quickly communicate with fellow service personnel to ensure smooth customer interactions and minimal downtime due to data-searching. Users can also monitor real-time service performance and use platform-created reports to analyze trends and response times.

SAP hybris Commerce and SAP hybris Marketing

Hybris Commerce provides users with tools for customer experience management, merchandising, product information management and order management. The platform is ideal for supporting multichannel e-commerce, and features services to handle sales and inquiries via call center, online and mobile, point-of-sale, print, or social media. Hybris Marketing helps users more efficiently identify business opportunities and craft an enterprise-wide marketing plan. It provides tools for customer intel, customer outreach, data management, marketing segmentation and marketing optimization.


This social collaboration tool allows users to communicate with customers and each other. SAP Jam can be used as an enterprise social networking tool, which is useful for enterprises with multinational footprints. This tool allows documents and information to be shared and accessed quickly and easily, which can help increase productivity and keep workflow moving.

Each of the customer engagement tools in the SAP CEC suite is available as a unique service, allowing enterprises to choose which services best fit their business needs. Each platform is designed to work on today's most popular Web browsers, and many also feature corresponding mobile applications available for Apple, Android and Windows devices.

Each platform in the SAP CEC suite is licensed on a per user, per month subscription basis or as a combined offering as part of SAP Cloud for Customer Enterprise Edition. Pricing for each of the individual services and the Cloud for Customer Enterprise Edition is available from SAP, but SAP cautions that these prices do change and that enterprises interested in the platforms should contact the company directly to discuss subscription plans. Free trials of several of the platforms are available from SAP.

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