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CRM strategy checklist: Planning for CRM and customer service success

This checklist will help you evaluate your CRM and customer service strategy to find success with CRM initiatives and improve customer satisfaction and service. Find out the 20 keys to building a vision of CRM success.

Do you have all the pieces in place to succeed with your CRM and customer service initiatives? Use this handy checklist...

from the first chapter of Performance Driven CRM: How to Make Your Customer Relationship Management Vision a Reality

to find out how your CRM and customer service strategy measures up to these goals. Download all of Chapter 1 -- Determining and Aligning the CRM Vision: Overview for a self-scoring version of this checklist and an evaluation chart.



 Planning for CRM and customer service success


Customer segments are well defined.


Human resources management practices empower all employees to participate in improvement initiatives.


Employees at all levels receive the education and training they need to participate effectively.


Senior executives are personally and visibly involved in demonstrating that improved customer satisfaction is a high priority strategic goal.


Customer service performance measures exist at the organizational, departmental and individual job levels and are widely publicized and acted upon.


Communication is frequent and informative.


All employees are aware of their internal customers and suppliers.


The working environment is conducive to the well-being and morale of all employees.


The organizational hierarchy does not inhibit effective and constructive two-way communication over process improvement issues.


The company's values are clearly articulated and understood by all employees. They are constantly and consistently reinforced by the actions of all managers.


Goals for customer satisfaction make us stretch but are attainable.


The company encourages close collaboration and teamwork.


The employee performance appraisal, recognition and reward processes strongly promote involvement in delivering customer satisfaction.


Business processes are regularly reviewed to eliminate nonvalue-adding activities and improve customer satisfaction.


Relationships with customers are managed effectively and involve obtaining information from them to improve products and services.


Business cases for change are clearly articulated and validated.


Customer complaints are welcomed and resolved quickly and positively.


Effective processes for determining current and future customer requirements and expectations are applied both systematically and rigorously.


The strategic and business planning processes have a strong focus on customer service and produce clear objectives for improvement.

Checklist excerpted with permission from "Performance Driven CRM: How to Make Your Customer Relationship Management Vision a Reality," by Stanley A. Brown and Moosha Gulycz, Copyright 2002. Published by John Wiley & Sons, April 2002. ISBN 978-0-470-83161-8.

For more information about this book and to purchase, visit Download a PDF of Chapter 1: Determining and Aligning the CRM Vision: Overview.

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