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CRM software suite product directory

This product directory contains basic information about CRM vendors and products in the CRM software market. Use these resources to evaluate CRM and find the best CRM software for your business needs.

http:/media.techtarget.com/digitalguide/images/Misc/crm_pd_logo.gif Welcome to the CRM software suite product directory. This product directory contains basic information about CRM vendors and products in the CRM software market. Use these resources to evaluate CRM and find the best CRM software for your business needs. Listings include: Vendor information, product name and website, short and long product descriptions and pricing details.



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Discover the top CRM products and vendors and begin your CRM software comparison with this interactive product directory. Learn about CRM software applications for enterprise organizations, midmarket companies and small businesses and find out which vendors provide on-demand CRM and on-premise CRM software.


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The following is an excerpt of the products included in the CRM Suite Software Product directory.

To see a complete list and get more detailed information -- including pricing -- please download the PDF: CRM Suite Software Product Directory


Product: Amdocs Customer Management

Amdocs Customer Management is designed to help organizations and their customers get more value out of each customer interaction.

Product: ArdexusMode

ArdexusMode is a Lotus Notes CRM software package designed for businesses of all sizes.

Product: AuraPortal BPMS-CRM

Aura Portal BPMS-CRM is a user-designed system that features seamless integration of CRM and SRM functionality.

Axonom, Inc.
Product: Powertrak CRM

Powertrak CRM provides tailor-made business solutions and modules to organizations already using Microsoft CRM.

CDC Software
Product: Pivotal CRM

Pivotal CRM offers industry-specific, out-of-the-box CRM software.

CDC Software
Product: Saratoga CRM

Saratoga CRM is a full-featured product that is designed specifically for the world's largest enterprises and companies planning to grow significantly.

Clear C2, Inc.
Product: C2CRM

C2CRM is a browser-based CRM solution designed specifically for the midmarket.

Consona CRM
Product: Consona Customer Management

Consona Customer Management provides a comprehensive and flexible CRM on-site solution for the enterprise.

FirstWave Technologies
Product: FirstWave CRM

FirstWave CRM manages the sales life cycle with lead generation tools and ad tracking capabilities.

Frontrange Solutions
Product: Goldmine CRM

GoldMine CRM products are made to fit businesses of all sizes.

Product: Infor CRM Epiphany

Infor CRM Epiphany combines integrated marketing, sales and service solutions and is based on Infor's Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Maximizer Software
Product: Maximizer CRM

Maximizer CRM is a simple and accessible CRM system designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Product: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an integrated CRM system that is designed to enhance a company's sales, marketing and customer service processes.

Product: NetSuite CRM +

NetSuite CRM+ combines sales force automation (SFA), marketing automation and customer service and support to provide complete customer life cycle management.

Oncontact Software
Product: Oncontact CRM

Oncontact CRM automates key sales, marketing and customer service Processes.

Optima Technologies
Product: ExSellence

Optima ExSellence provides CRM functionality that can be customized and adapted to meet each organization's specific needs.

Product: PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM

PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM offers products that are tailored to fit unique industry business processes and customer strategies.

Product: Siebel CRM

Siebel CRM product provides tailored industry solutions and comprehensive CRM capabilities.

Product: Oracle E-Business Suite CRM

Oracle E-Business Suite is a set of applications that provide information-driven sales, service, and marketing functionality.

Relavis Software
Product: Relavis Complete

Relavis Complete offers traditional CRM capability, but it is built exclusively for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino.

RightNow Technologies
Product: RightNow CRM Suite

RightNow CRM Suite is designed to help users consistently anticipate, manage and respond to their customer's needs.

Sage Software
Product: SageCRM

SageCRM provides sales force automation (SFA), customer service and support and marketing capabilities.

Sage Software
Product: Sage SalesLogix

Sage SalesLogix is a CRM product that includes sales automation, marketing, customer service, support and mobile automation capabilities.

Product: Salesforce On-Demand CRM

Salesforce On-Demand CRM runs on Salesforce's multi-tenant Force.com platform and is appropriate for businesses of all sizes.

Product: SalesPage CRM

SalesPage CRM documents entire customer lifecycles in a single, consolidated solution.

Product: Salesplace CRM

Salesplace CRM is built on the IBM Lotus collaborative platform and is designed specifically for Lotus Notes and BlackBerry.

Product: SAP Business Al- in-One

SAP Business All-in-One is a CRM product designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Product: SAP CRM

SAP CRM provides functionality for marketing, sales and customer service, supporting customer-facing business processes across multiple interaction channels.

Product: StayinFront CRM

StayinFront CRM aims to provide a single CRM platform where all points of the customer interaction can be managed.

Product: SugarCRM

SugarCRM is an open-source CRM solution that offers flexible deployment options, including on-demand, appliance and on-premise.

update software AG
Product: update.seven.STRIKE

update.seven STRIKE provides customer service support and management functionality to office and mobile workers.



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