CRM learning tutorials and guides's All-in-One Guides, learning guides and quizzes provide topic-focused resources on topics like like call center management, customer loyalty, marketing strategy, open source CRM, self service and more. This compilation is a quick and easy route to the most up-to-date information.

Looking for a fast reference on CRM software?'s All-in-One Guides, learning guides and quizzes provide topic-focused resources on topics like call center management, marketing strategy, customer loyalty, self service, open source CRM and more to provide a quick and easy route to the most up-to-date information. Browse's learning resources here.

Call Center Manager

  • Call Center Metrics School
    Measuring and understanding metrics can be a pain point for call center managers. With that in mind, teamed up with Strategic Contact to bring you this Call Center Metrics School. Whether you're a new agent trying to measure metrics performance or a seasoned manager who's been tracking metrics for years, you'll learn tips for designing a metrics strategy that works.
  • Call center manager learning guide
    This guide helps call center managers better understand the most critical issues in today's call centers -- from strategy to technology. Use this guide to find exactly what you need for call center management, whether it's strategic advice, metrics information, performance management help or outsourcing calculations.
  • Remote call center agent management quiz
    Remote call center agents can be a useful option for businesses to meet staffing demands with flexibility. Managing remote call center agents requires a different set of standards and communication methods. Find out how much you know about remote call center agent management in this quiz.
  • Call center outsourcing quiz
    Call center outsourcing has evolved with technology over the years, but it may not be the right choice for your organization. This quiz will test your knowledge of call center outsourcing practices and terms.
  • Customers and call centers quiz
    This quiz will test your understanding of the basic elements of customer service. Get up to speed with call center fundamentals and customer service best practices as well as common call center terms.
  • Preventing call center attrition quiz
    This quiz was designed to test how savvy call center managers are at preventing agent attrition. Learn effective methods that can be used to keep agents happy and motivated and keep them on the job longer.
  • Hosted call center quiz
    Is your organization considering a hosted call center? How much do you know about hosted CRM call center technology and vendors? Test yourself today to start optimizing your call center tomorrow.

Call center performance management

  • Call center performance management learning guide
    As a call center manager, you are tested on all aspects of monitoring agents in the call center, including call center planning, developing agent skills, rating agents based on metrics and rewarding agents based on performance. Here you'll find learning tools on performance management to make you an effective call center manager.
  • Call center performance management quiz
    Call center agents and managers, test yourself on improving performance and learn about the call center performance management trend in this quiz.

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems

VoIP call center

  • VoIP in the call center All-in-One guide
    This All-in-One Guide is a collection of resources on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in the call center that you'll find useful regardless of where you are in the learning or buying process. Get tips for evaluating VoIP, deploying VoIP in the call center and maintaining your VoIP technology.
  • VoIP call center quiz
    VoIP is the technology of choice for some call centers. The question is, can VoIP optimize call center performance in your organization? Test yourself on VoIP technology and how it works in the call center in this quiz.
  • Quiz: VoIP
    Get started with the fundamentals of VoIP and test your VoIP IQ in this quiz from

CRM vendors

  • CRM upgrades All-in-One Guide
    Navigating a CRM upgrade can be intimidating. Learn best practices in this All-in-One Guide, including how to decide if you should upgrade your CRM system and practical advice and tips for upgrading Siebel, PeopleSoft or SAP CRM.
  • Oracle CRM All-in-One Guide
    This guide covers everything you need to know about Oracle CRM. Find resources including advice on evaluating Oracle CRM software, Siebel and PeopleSoft resources, plus tips on Oracle CRM implemention and management.
  • Microsoft CRM All-in-One Guide
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a recent addition to the CRM midmarket, but it's already making headlines. Find out about evaluating, deploying and managing Microsoft CRM in this comprehensive guide.
  • SAP CRM All-in-One Guide
    In just a few years, SAP went from a notable CRM vendor to a market leader -- and it shows no signs of slowing down. Find out about evaluating, implementing and managing SAP CRM in this comprehensive guide.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM quiz
    Find out how much you know -- and learn new things -- about Microsoft Dynamics CRM in this quiz.
  • Enterprise CRM software vendors quiz
    Learn about CRM software from top CRM vendors in this quiz.


  • CRM ROI quiz
    There's still a lot to learn about ROI for CRM. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of ROI and read expert advice on how to get ROI from your CRM projects.

Vertical CRM

  • CRM for financial services quiz
    The financial services market is becoming a key industry vertical for software vendors, and analysts don't expect that to change anytime soon. This quiz features questions from some of our most popular news articles, including how vertical CRM is changing the industry and how many financial institutions are having success with CRM.

Customer loyalty

  • Customer loyalty and satisfaction learning guide
    Learn about customer loyalty and satisfaction, marketing, metrics and advice on the best ways to retain customers in this topic section. This guide will lead you through defining, measuring and maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Customer loyalty quiz
    This quiz covers common customer loyalty terms, related technology and best practices for retaining customers. Find out how much you know -- and learn new things -- about building customer loyalty

Customer data

  • 360-degree view of the customer quiz
    Learn the definition of the 360-degree view of the customer and read advice on how to integrate customer data integration (CDI) into a customer strategy in this quiz.

Marketing strategy

  • Marketing strategy: All-in-one guide
    This guide is designed to make you a better marketer regardless of where you are in the learning process. Read tips and techniques for preparing a marketing strategy, get expert advice and more.
  • Email marketing quiz
    Email marketing is a vital strategy for today's businesses. Test yourself on email marketing practices and terms with this quiz.

Open source CRM

  • Open source CRM tutorial
    This open source CRM tutorial is your best resource for understanding and leveraging open source CRM as it applies to your own CRM strategy. You'll find an introduction to open source CRM, information on the open source CRM software market, tips for evaluating and implementing open source CRM software and more.
  • Open source CRM vendors quiz
    How much do you know about open source and open source CRM vendors? Test your open source knowledge with this quick quiz.


  • SaaS CRM learning guide
    Software as a Service (SaaS) is a burgeoning technology in the CRM market, but is it the right choice for your organization? This is your best resource for making an informed decision about the pros and cons of hosted CRM.
  • How savvy are you about hosted CRM?
    How much do you know about hosted CRM technology and vendors? Test your hosted CRM knowledge with this quiz.

Sales force automation

  • Sales force automation learning guide
    This guide introduces the fundamentals of salesforce automation (SFA), offers expert advice on SFA and includes content on other sales-related topics including sales effectiveness.
  • Sales compensation best practices quiz
    Some of today's businesses are exploring new methods for sales compensation, including using sales compensation management and sales compensation automation tools. Use this quiz to test your knowledge of compensation procedures and best practices.
  • Mobile CRM vendors quiz
    Trouble keeping up with CRM mobile vendors? Enhance your knowledge with this quiz and learn about SFA vendors.

Self service

  • Customer self service learning guide
    This guide introduces the fundamentals and benefits of customer self service. It is meant to provide a "quick start" approach through articles, examples of best practices, case studies and expert advice.
  • Customer self service quiz
    Many CRM practitioners are aware of the cost savings associated with self service. But there is more to know to make self service effective. See how much you know about custmoer self service with this quiz.
  • Employee self service quiz
    Employee self service (ESS) can be used to help employees handle routine tasks and for help desk employees and call center agents to assist customers better. Get up to speed with employee self service here.

Speech analytics

  • Speech analytics technology quiz
    As more call centers become familiar with speech analytics, the technology continues to develop and mature. Find out how much you know about speech analytics technology with this quiz.

Web 2.0

  • Web 2.0 and CRM quiz
    This quiz on Web 2.0 and CRM was designed to test your knowledge of Web 2.0 technology and social networking.

Workforce optimization

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