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Business Intelligence Roadmap: Chapter 3, Project Planning

BI projects are not like other projects with a finite and static set of requirements from one business person or one department. Instead, the purpose of an integrated BI decision-support environment is to provide cross-organizational business analysis capabilities to all business people and all departments in the organization. That involves a variety of new tasks, shifted roles and responsibilities, and a more hands-on project management approach. In Chapter 3, Project Planning, learn the best ways to set up your BI project to keep you from classic mistakes and setbacks.


Business Involvement

  • Do we have a strong business sponsor? Do we have a backup business sponsor?
  • Do we have stakeholders with whom we need to communicate regularly?
  • How much time is the business representative committing to this project? Is he or she assigned to this project full-time, or will he or she be available on request only?

    Project Scope and Deliverables

  • Did we receive a formal request for a BI project?
  • How detailed are the requirements?
  • What are the requested deliverables?
  • Can we implement the requested scope given the schedule and the available resources?

    Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • Have we already performed a cost-benefit analysis?
  • What is the expected return on investment (ROI)?
  • How soon do we expect the ROI to materialize?


  • Did we review our technical and nontechnical infrastructure components?
  • Does our infrastructure have any gaps?
  • Which infrastructure components will we need to work on and deliver as part of the BI project?
    -- Which technical infrastructure components?
    -- Which nontechnical infrastructure components?

    Staffing and Skills

  • Have we already identified the team members?
  • Do all team members have the skills needed to perform the responsibilities of their assigned roles?
  • Should we schedule any training before the project kickoff?
  • Is the project manager assigned to this project full-time? Or does he or she have other administrative responsibilities? If the latter, who will take over those other responsibilities for the duration of this project?

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