The contact center of the future is here

Last updated:October 2019

Editor's note

The contact center of the future is in progress. What started as solely a call center -- a place where employees answered phones -- has evolved into a multichannel, multipurpose operation for employees and customers thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence. And now it's moving toward a full-blown customer experience center to address customer retention and brand loyalty.

But contact center AI isn't just about chatbots. AI's many offshoots -- machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing -- improve call routing, provide live agents with real-time customer assistance, analyze customer buying habits and help devise CX strategies.

This guide explores the fast-arriving contact center of the future -- from its roots as a call center to the present and beyond -- as well as commercial applications where AI is taking shape.

1The multifunctional call center

Contact centers have evolved into a multidimensional CX force -- providing customer service on multiple channels, taking advantage of upselling opportunities and broadening customer engagement strategies.

2AI's role in the contact center's evolution

While AI in the form of chatbots is the most common application of artificial intelligence in the contact center, the technology is playing an increasingly critical role in the contact center's transition to an all-purpose customer experience center.

3Words to know for the contact center of the future

As the contact center evolves, so does the vocabulary. These words and terms can help negotiate the gauntlet of ever-changing contact center lingo.