The contact center of the future is here

Last updated:February 2020

Editor's note

The rise of Amazon and e-commerce, coupled with consumers' ability to interact directly with companies via web, social and mobile tools, has changed modern business. Customer service has become customer experience to better predict the needs and meet the increasing expectations of today's consumers. The call center, a hub that traditionally handled incoming customer inquiries, is transforming into an all-encompassing customer experience center that can anticipate customer demands and respond in real time across a range of technology channels. Faced with rapidly evolving options like chatbots and AI, companies are also challenged to use the technology as effectively as possible alongside human contact center agents and to implement strategies for tracking performance and productivity and measuring levels of satisfaction using the right analytical and visualization tools.

In this extensive guide, we'll explore the trends impacting contact centers and examine emerging technologies -- including artificial intelligence, machine learning, unified data platforms and the cloud -- that expedite optimization, automation, predictions, recommendations, discovery and workforce management. With our sections on multifunctional contact centers, customer experience and the role of AI, readers will learn how they can improve and fulfill interactions with customers seamlessly over multiple channels while transforming the contact center into a more viable, scalable and sophisticated profit center.

1The multifunctional call center

Contact centers have evolved into a multidimensional CX force -- providing customer service on multiple channels, taking advantage of upselling opportunities and broadening customer engagement strategies.

2When contact centers take CX to the next level

There are all kinds of considerations when making improvements to the contact center that bolster customer experience, among them digital transformation, automation, migration to the cloud, integrating new technologies and a technically savvy workforce.

3AI's role in the contact center's evolution

While AI in the form of chatbots is the most common application of artificial intelligence in the contact center, the technology is playing an increasingly critical role in the contact center's transition to an all-purpose customer experience center.

4Boosting CX in the evolving contact center

As companies digitally transform, maintaining and improving customer engagements with new technologies at the point of contact is critical.