Customer experience affected by key touchpoints

Last updated:September 2014

Editor's note

Customer experience is the end result of everything a company does. If customers aren't happy, companies risk losing money through defections or seeing their reputations damaged through complaints going viral. Companies need to do all they can to ensure a positive experience for their customers.

Excellence in just one area of business will not achieve this goal -- it takes a marriage of many aspects working together. Sales and marketing strategies ensure that customer retention is as important as customer acquisition; marketing automation technology cuts down on time wasted on extraneous and inefficient data collection practices, and enhancements in contact center architecture aim to improve the experience at that high-touch contact point.

This essential guide examines ways that the customer experience can be affected by advancements in these three areas. With all of them working together, companies can get the most value out of their CRM strategies.

1Marketing automation strategy

Marketing automation can be a good way to cut down on redundant tasks and boost productivity in your business. This doesn't mean that it's an unmitigated good by itself, as improvements are necessary to make sure it runs efficiently. It can also make some new processes possible, such as integrating with a CRM system to further save time and boost the value of your customer data.

2Contact center architecture

Contact centers remain as a high-touch forum of customer engagement. Whether it's through email, social media, chat, company website or telephone, customers are interacting directly with companies; and this is where the rubber meets the road in terms of customer service. The architecture of these contact centers needs to be ready for this flood of incoming data and to be upgraded enough to be able to serve their customer base.

3CEM strategies

Customer experience management depends on a blend of factors working in concert with each other. Companies need to focus on harnessing analytics to gain insight on their customers' behaviors and needs in order to provide better service. Technologies such as beacons and different methods of marketing and brand-building can establish trust and further develop relationships with customers. The key is for businesses to evolve their thinking and toss aside traditional strategies, embrace mobile initiatives and determine what customers want and where and how they want it.