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August 2016

The bright and potential dark side of mobile location-based services

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In the never-ending quest to gain and retain customers while ensuring brand loyalty in a highly competitive global marketplace where the multichannel consumer rules, companies see significant value in mobile location-based services. Utilizing a collection of technologies, including mobile devices, beacon sensors, light beams and software apps, LBS can provide companies a competitive advantage by pinpointing physical locations of consumers in real time, capturing their attention and targeting them with personalized messages. Though this embryonic marketing concept can boast pockets of success in engaging consumers and enhancing the customer journey, LBS can also have a dark side when it comes to respecting and protecting personal information.

In the first feature of this handbook on mobile location-based services, editor Lauren Horwitz presents early, innovative and in some ways experimental applications of LBS by the likes of Nordstrom, Regal Entertainment Group and the Golden State Warriors. In the second feature, marketing professional Matt James sees LBS as a powerful way for companies to gather data about their customers, develop meaningful customer relationships and streamline marketing strategies, but there's always the potential for being overly intrusive and violating customer trust. Targeted personal messages can make consumers feel special but, if not done properly, can make them feel creepy. And in the third feature, James points out that the ethical issues associated with LBS is two-way street. While the burden is on companies to walk a fine line and show sensitivity toward customer privacy, consumers willing to surrender personal information in exchange for discounts and exclusive offers likewise need to be cautious.

About The Author

Lauren Horwitz - Managing Editor

Lauren Horwitz is managing editor of More

Table Of Contents

  • Many companies still experimenting with LBS technology
  • Mobile LBS requires customer trust
  • LBS waffles on ethical issues

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