Strategic marketing software boosts inbound marketing tactics

Business software strategies strengthen the inbound marketing process

Marketers know that their very tools and strategies have to change in the era of inbound marketing. A process must be developed to help companies determine their needs and find an affordable product that meets those needs.

With the internet, content marketing is no longer about selling products to a captive audience. It's about educating an increasingly savvy group of web researchers and helping guide their decision-making through the inbound marketing process.

According to experts, the web has made marketers' jobs much more complex. Now they have to deal with consumers who have already done their research and know about pricing, features and other product information. An inbound marketing process is necessary to engage a discerning audience, and that requires new software tools and tactics. Marketers need to get in step with new technologies such as omnichannel capabilities, social media monitoring software, location-based tools and analytics techniques. But a new marketing software strategy must be developed.

Indeed, according to recent data from the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing fails for three reasons: Survey respondents said it's too generic (63%), lacks original insight (58%) or doesn't address audience needs (53%). Focusing on selling products rather than educating audiences is a formula for marketing failure. Companies need tools that can increase sales productivity and reduce marketing overhead while focusing on their in-house operations and strategy.

This handbook on the tools necessary for a successful marketing software strategy offers advice on what to buy and how to think about those software purchases in the context of your existing infrastructure and operations. We'll discuss must-have product features and the ways your company can get the most ROI from a marketing software strategy that includes an inbound marketing process. It's no longer a guessing game, but a proven path to marketing success.