Contact center software features help fulfill the customer's journey

Sensible contact center infrastructure updates for 2017

As customer expectations grow, it's increasingly clear that contact center infrastructure is a key element of customer success. The software and hardware are evolving rapidly, and they're critical in transitioning the contact center from cost center to revenue generator.

Enterprises are consistently challenged by the ever-shifting terrain of technology as well as rising customer expectations and are continuously evaluating and enhancing legacy software within contact center infrastructure as it quickly becomes outdated. And they often have centers scattered globally with varying technologies, creating problems that can undermine customer service and increase maintenance costs.

Companies need to take stock of their contact center infrastructure and identify where it falls short to make the necessary upgrades and ensure that all customer service needs can be met. Without the proper infrastructure, for example, companies are hamstrung in developing omnichannel strategies to engage customers on mobile, in stores and on websites and unify their activities on all channels.

Once areas of need are identified, choosing the right software to fill those voids is just as crucial. Contact center software can improve a company's ROI by boosting efficiencies and enhancing the customer experience. But the software can require sizable upfront and ongoing maintenance costs, not to mention a significant investment in time and extra IT staff to implement and maintain.

In this handbook, we'll explore the evolution of contact center infrastructure, its complexities, how companies can efficiently adjust to the changing landscape and some tactics for choosing the best new tools for your organization.