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June 2015

Going multichannel will improve customer experience -- but not without a plan

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This chapter is included in the The Multichannel mandate: Ready, set, automate E-Book.

Companies today know they can't get by with just a call center. And they know adding a website alone won't help much. They know where it's at: to improve customer experience, they'll also need a social media presence, a mobile app -- and they'll need to be reachable by text. A tall order, but nothing technology won't fix, right?

Wrong. Technology won't do a thing for them without a solid business strategy, writes Banafsheh Ghassemi in this chapter of The Multichannel Mandate e-book. That includes identifying the right mobile strategy, breaking down customer data siloes and exploring new technology such as mobile wallets and geolocation tools. Only then will companies be able to provide seamless customer service across communication channels -- serving customers on the phone, on social media and on the website -- without a rep asking them to repeat information they've already given. That, Ghassemi says, is the secret to beautiful customer relationships.

About The Author

Banafsheh Ghassemi - CEO/co-founder

Banafsheh Ghassemi is the CEO/co-founder of Tangerine Lab and ...Read More

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