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June 2016

Creative multichannel strategies improve customer experience

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This chapter is included in the Popular technologies enrich customer experience strategies E-Book.

Social media, live chats, customer communities, email messages, and mobile apps are some of the many communication channels bursting with customer data. Collecting this data can mean you're "halfway there," but many companies are "livin' on a prayer" when it comes to mining real value and translating information into effective marketing and sales strategies that improve customer experience.

Creating a unified multichannel experience may be a priority for most companies, yet many lack the necessary tools and infrastructure to unify departmental silos, integrate their information systems, map the customer journey and deliver the right message at the right time. Worse yet, many businesses actually think they're doing a good job of reaching out to their customers with targeted messages, while most of their customers don't, according to one survey. Too little love is a problem, but so is too much.

In this e-book chapter, Executive Editor Lauren Horwitz emphasizes how companies that know their customers can create successful marketing campaigns, simplify customer access and unify channels of communication, all of which can improve customer experience. To achieve those goals, trial and error is often required, as illustrated by the journeys of three companies profiled in this chapter. Horwitz takes readers along these businesses' sometimes bumpy road to gaining new customers and solidifying the loyalty of old customers.

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Lauren Horwitz - Managing Editor

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